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Life After Death Revealed – What Really Happens in the Afterlife

Where do we go after death until our reincarnation on Earth? Is it to a single plane of existence or are there a variety of planes of existence?

Subtle experiment on Funerals – Burial vs. Cremation

Scattering Ashes From a Cremation Urn – A Spiritual Perspective

The article presents spiritual research into the various ways of scattering ashes from a cremation urn

Cremation vs Burial – A Spiritual Perspective

The article explains the spiritual effect on our ancestors depending on whether they choose cremation or burial or to be consumed by vultures.

What to wear to a funeral – Spiritual perspective

From a spiritual perspective what is the best colour of clothes to wear to a funeral? From a spiritual perspective, any sober colour other than black can be worn by relatives and well-wishers in the event of the death of a person.