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What Are Drawings Based on Spiritual Knowledge

Abstract: Drawings based on spiritual knowledge are an important tool in Spiritual research. They have the same place like X-rays have in medical science. They provide an authentic glimpse into the subtle world for those who cannot look into it by themselves. The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) has used the gift of sixth sense or ESP of many of its seekers to gain an insight into the subtle world and record it for the benefit of humanity. It has used it as a diagnostic tool to understand the causative spiritual factors behind various difficulties in life. It has also used this tool to validate the effect of the various spiritual healing remedies innovated by SSRF. In this article, we present a comprehensive view about drawings based on subtle-knowledge.

1. What are drawings based on spiritual knowledge?

Spiritual Drawings

The SSRF defines the word 'subtle world' or 'spiritual dimension' as the world which is beyond the understanding of the five senses, mind and intellect. The subtle world refers to the unseen world of angels, ghosts, heaven, etc. which can only be perceived through our sixth sense.

Some seekers of Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) have a highly developed sixth sense. Extrasensory perception (ESP), subtle perception ability, psychic ability, clairvoyance, premonition, intuition are all synonymous with sixth sense. With their sixth sense they are able to look into this subtle-world and see what ordinary people cannot see. Depending on the depth of their sixth sense ability they can perceive the subtle world to varying degrees and in varying detail. Also they are able to cross the barrier of time and place. This means that the drawings based on subtle-knowledge they create can be of events that have taken place in the past or anywhere in the world without them having been there or having known the people or their background in any way. Drawings and illustrations of what has been perceived by these seekers in the subtle-dimension are called drawings based on subtle or spiritual knowledge. The drawings based on subtle-knowledge are captured initially in the form of rough pencil sketches as the seekers with the help of their sixth sense (ESP) look into the subtle world. Later the sketch is rendered into a computer-generated artwork for publishing.

2. Who can create drawings based on spiritual knowledge?

These people are known as subtle artists or clairvoyant artists. Generally persons at a spiritual level of 40% or more and with a developed sixth sense, especially the subtle sense of vision, can perceive the subtle-dimension. These people can actually see the unseen subtle world just as we see the physical world. Some of these persons are also talented artists and can also accurately present what they see.

The accuracy of the drawings improves with:

  • increasing spiritual level,
  • motivation of the person,
  • blessings of a spiritually evolved person,
  • if the subtle-reading is done as one’s spiritual practice from the point of view of providing information about the subtle dimension for the benefit of humanity.

3. About the drawings based on spiritual knowledge of ghosts published on SSRF

The following table gives some details about drawings based on spiritual knowledge of ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) published on the SSRF website. It shows two scenarios.

  • Ideal Scenario In an ideal situation, we would have preferred a seeker of a higher spiritual level creating drawings based on subtle-knowledge of ghosts of an inferior level such as from the Nether region and the 1st and 2nd region of Hell (Pātāl). In this case, the accuracy of the drawing can be the highest required for this era with minimum distress to the seeker by the ghost.
  • Actual Scenario The current scenario is that SSRF seekers with subtle vision are creating drawings based on subtle-knowledge of higher level subtle-sorcerers (māntriksfrom the 5-7th region of the Hell region. As a result, they are also facing a high amount of distress.

Spiritual Drawings - Scenarios of creation

Footnotes: (for the numbers in red)

  1. We have gone through 3 eras in the Universe and as of now we are in the fourth and last era known as the Era of Strife (Kaliyug). In this era, most people are at the 20% spiritual level. In the present era due to the comparatively lower ability of those with subtle vision, they can draw the positive energies and Deities up to maximum 30% accuracy. Moreover people today, due to a lack of spiritual level, cannot derive benefit from viewing a drawing based on subtle-knowledge even if it were to capture more than 30% of the Truth. For example, if a deity were to be drawn with more than 30% accuracy, we would not be able to tolerate the energy/Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) emanating from the picture or idol. Most commercial paintings of deities on average are able to capture only 1-2% of the energy/divine consciousness of the deity.
    By accuracy we mean the subtle-ability to capture all the nuances of the deity or the negative energy. In doing so, we automatically capture either the divine consciousness in the case of a deity or the black energy of the ghost.

  2. We have limited the accuracy of the drawings of negative energies to 8% to restrict the distress caused due to the black energy transmitted by the drawings based on subtle-knowledge. This is especially relevant for drawings of more powerful ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) from the deepest rungs of Hell as we intrinsically capture 8% of their black energy in the drawing. Drawings based on spiritual knowledge of  negative energies with a higher accuracy level would emit so much of negativity that the ill-effects would be quite drastic for our readers.
    A drawing based on subtle-knowledge of 8% accuracy represents a true likeness in terms of gross attributes of the ghost, i.e. if another person with subtle-vision were also to see that ghost he would be able to recognise it as exactly the same from the drawing.
    By 8% accuracy we mean a drawing that would be so alike the ghost, as to be able to capture 8% of its spiritual power. The rest 22% (of the maximum achievable 30%) would only be possible if we captured every shade of colour and every nuance of the ghost.
    It is important to note that 8% is by no means a small amount. This is if we compare it to an average person who has no ability at all to see into the subtle-world.

  3. 100% is equivalent to death.

  4. The ghosts residing in the first two regions of Hell are subtle. As one goes from the 1st region of Hell downwards they become even more subtle. Those in the 5th to 7th are the subtlest and virtually transparent to even a relatively well developed sixth sense. Hence they are very difficult to discern and be drawn with accuracy. Seekers of SSRF with a highly developed sixth sense have been drawing them because presently higher hierarchy ghosts from the 5th to 7th regions of Hell are harassing seekers of SSRF. The main reasons for the attack from more powerful ghosts are to oppose the SSRF seeker’s quest for knowledge and spread of Spirituality.


4. Protective border

Spiritual Drawings - subtle-sorcerer from 7th region


You will notice that we have provided a protective border around each of the drawings based on spiritual knowledge depicting negative energies and in some cases around the entire article. Each side of the border has the Name of a specific aspect of God in it. We have obtained this Name through advanced sixth sense. The reason we have employed a protective border is to counteract any harmful subtle-vibrations emitted by the drawings based on subtle-knowledge or the text about negative energies. As a result our readers are protected from these subtle negative vibrations.
Also note that the colour of the border varies according to the Name of the Deity used in the border. The reason for this is that through spiritual research we have found that a Deity (aspect of God), in the spiritual dimension, is represented by a certain colour. By using this same colour in the border, we increase the ability of the border to attract the Divine protective Energy of the Deity.
Please do conduct subtle-experiments on these protective borders.

5. What decides the percentage of Truth in the drawings based on spiritual knowledge?

The percentage of Truth and hence the overall reading of the drawing based on subtle-knowledge increases when all the details related to it are described authentically. For example, even withholding the real name of the person who is depicted in the drawing based on subtle-knowledge decreases the element of Truth.

The following is a complete breakdown of all the various factors that can affect a subtle-artist’s (clairvoyant artist’s) accuracy of illustration.

Subtle Drawings - reasons behind inaccuracy

As you can see from the table above there are many factors that can come in the way of creating accurate drawings of the subtle-dimension.

Quite often we come across subtle-artists (clairvoyant artists) who draw spirit guides or angels from the subtle-regions for people. In almost all cases, these drawings are ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) providing false images to the subtle-artists (clairvoyant artists). As the subtle-artist themselves are not spiritually evolved and nor do they have a spiritually evolved guide quite often they are led astray by ghosts with higher spiritual strength. The unsuspecting person who thinks they have a drawing of their angel in fact has a drawing of a ghost from one of the regions of Hell. The drawing when taken home becomes a conduit for the ghost to emit black energy.

6. How do we validate drawings based on spiritual knowledge?

SSRF seekers have used the following techniques to verify their ability.

  • Various experiments were done by seekers with sixth sense (ESP) to verify that which could be readily checked. For example:
    • Identifying the page number without looking. This is from a page randomly selected from a book.
    • Identifying the card selected randomly from a pack of playing cards.
    • Describing the details of the house of an unknown person.
    • Narrating the life of a person who has been cremated just by looking at the ash of his funeral pyre.
  • 90% answers to about 300 such questions were found to be accurate when checked. As the verifiable answers were accurate we started believing the non-verifiable answers too.
  • The knowledge independently received about various topics through the sixth sense by various seekers was found to be identical. For example, the details about ‘What exactly is happening in the subtle-dimension when a possessed person is being treated by spiritual healing methods’ as reported by various seekers was found to be identical.
  • Besides this His Holiness Dr. Athavale verifies all findings reported by all seekers through His highly developed sixth sense (ESP).

7. Some salient features of drawings based on spiritual knowledge by seekers of SSRF

Most subtle-artists (clairvoyant artists) with subtle-vision see figures in black and white. In most cases, they are able to perceive only the grossest part of the subtle-dimension. For example, how does a ghost from the Nether region look like. Subtle or clairvoyant capability to see ghosts from the deeper regions of Hell which is far more subtle would be beyond their reach.  Seekers of SSRF have been graced with the ability to perceive the subtle-dimension in most minute detail and in colour. Seekers of SSRF are also able to perceive deeper dimensions like the region of the ghost, what he is doing at that particular moment, why he is doing it, on whose orders is he is doing it , what is the mechanism of action behind what he is doing etc.

  • One of the seekers of SSRF, Anuradha Wadekar described the symptoms suffered by a person unknown to her. When that person was interviewed the symptoms matched to the extent of 80%. A psychotherapist could have required many hours of history taking to unearth these facts that Anuradha got to know purely with her sixth sense.
  • Another seeker of SSRF, Yoya Vallee used to perceive the drawing based on subtle-knowledge in parts, e.g. first the eyes, then the limbs etc. and then she would collate them all to assemble the complete drawing.

Everything is not what it seems in the subtle-dimension. For example, if a subtle-artist thinks they are getting a vision of a spirit guide it could well be a ghost that is providing them with a false image. In the subtle-dimension one ghost is controlled by a higher ghost. It is quite common to have multi-levels of control. To be able to successfully find the subtle-sorcerer in the 7th region of Hell responsible for the act of the lower ghost, one would need the highest levels of sixth sense (ESP).

Please refer to the article on “The depth of ability to perceive paranormal activity with our sixth sense”.

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