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The case of the talking parrot

Recently an African Grey Parrot is in the news because of his amazing ability to hold intelligent conversation in English. He is reported to have an impressive vocabulary of a little less than 1000 words.

Intrigued by this amazing incident, we conducted Spiritual research into various details of the parrot and his talking ability. This research was conducted through the highly advanced extrasensory perception (ESP) ability or sixth sense of SSRF seekers. The following are the findings of the spiritual research conducted into this phenomenon.

1. How are birds able to speak?

As a rule, as the basic intelligence of birds is extremely limited (i.e. limited to fulfilling its basic instincts of hunger, sleep, sex and fear), it is impossible for birds to achieve the feat of talking and acquiring an extensive vocabulary. The ability to speak in a bird occurs either because it is affected or possessed by a ghost (demon, devil, negative energy etc.) or because the bird is a devolved human being. That means it was a human being in its past life.

A human being can be devolved to be born into a lower species either because of his own wish or if he has excess demerits or is cursed by a spiritually evolved person. In fact Spiritual research has revealed that 30% of animals are devolved humans.

2. Why would a spiritually evolved human being wish to take birth in a lower species?

A spiritually evolved being can opt to take birth in an animal or bird species out of his own free will to pursue his spiritual practice undisturbed by the distractions faced in a human birth. It is possible for spiritually evolved beings to carry on spiritual practice even when in animal or bird species because 98% of spiritual practice is subtle and internal to the person, i.e. not in terms of any tangible actions. When a spiritually evolved being takes birth in a lower species, it is up to him to also decide when to end that existence.

3. Does the devolved person remember in this birth that he was human in the last birth?

If the person has devolved on his own he remembers. But a person who has devolved due to a curse or as a punishment does not remember his past human existence.

4. Why is this parrot able to speak?

In this particular case the parrot’s ability to speak and also acquire an extensive vocabulary is there because he is a devolved human being.

He has not come down of his own free will. Hence he does not remember his past human birth. He has come down as a punishment for his demerits. He was a person at a spiritual level of 30% with intense desire to be the center of attention. A strong attention seeking habit also results in a demerit as it enhances the ego, which is detrimental for spiritual growth.

He does not have any give-and-take with his owner.

5. How can a bird devolved from a person of such low spiritual level have such fantastic talent?

Though the spiritual level of the person was less, all his energy was focused on this one desire to seek attention. Hence he could acquire this talent  in this birth as a parrot.

He can speak in English because he knew this language in his past birth. His vocabulary is limited to 950 words because that is his maximum capability.

6. How much credit goes to the bird trainer?

In this case only 5% of the credit goes to the trainer. That means this parrot would have acquired this ability even without the help of a trainer.

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