Step 1
Focus your mind
Step 2
Observe A
Step 3
Observe B
Step 4
Compare A & B
Step 5
Input Reading
Step 6
Check Reading

6.1 How did you compare with the others doing this sixth sense experiment?

1. Independent reading

  Figure A Figure B

2. Compare

Which figure did you feel better looking at?
Figure A
Figure B
Total 6981

6.2 Answer

The two concealed objects were a dirty pair of shoes and clean pair of shoes

Figure A - Uncovered (Dirty shoes) Figure B- Uncovered (Clean shoes)

One feels pleasant when looking at the figure B (concealed picture of clean pair of shoes) unpleasant when looking at figure A (concealed picture of dirty pair of shoes)

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6.3 The Spiritual science behind the experiment

We always prefer to remain in clean and tidy room or environment than being in a dirty and untidy environment. For example whenever we visit public restrooms we will prefer to choose the ones that are clean instead of the dirty ones. We all are very acquainted with the repercussions of dirt and untidiness in the physical and psychological realm, such as dirt promotes germs, illnesses etc. and also promotes confusion, anxiety, depression etc. Due to previously acquired information on repercussion on dirt and untidiness, and our own personal experience we stay away from it. Thus whenever we come across such an unclean environment, on perceiving it with our five senses, such as getting dirty smell, seeing dirty objects etc, our mind automatically sends unfavorable signal to our brain and we stay away from it.

However in this subtle experiment since the figures were concealed there was no opportunity to perceive the presence of dirt through our 5 senses, mind or intellect. The perception was purely through the subtle sense organs (sixth sense) and the perception was about the spiritual aspect of dirt.

The shoes in the figure A have dirt on it. Dirt is a very potential medium to attract and emit raja - tama frequencies. As a result it is conducive for attracting and harnessing distressing frequencies and it is not at all conducive for attracting divine principle.
Thus from this subtle experiment one can learn and experience the harmful effects of dirt in the spiritual dimension. Also one can now appreciate the common phrase “cleanliness is next to Godliness”.


6.4 Practical application

In the presence of dirt there is increased presence of raja tama frequencies, thus reducing the ability to attract the divine principle and thus decreasing the benefit one would otherwise have got. Just as if we have some illness or an open cut wound, then to heal it faster we stay away from dirt infested environment as the dirt would obstruct the in fast healing of the wound, similarly whenever we perform any act or do any efforts to gain the blessings or energy from the divine, we need to avoid dirt in our environment.

 Any form of worship is basically an effort to rid oneself of distressing tama-raja and gain invigorating sattva. Whenever we perform any ritualistic worship to gain maximum benefit from the worship we should be devoid of raja-tama and in best ability to gain sattva.

Some of the ways by which one can practice the above is to take the below efforts when performing ritualistic worship, when inside a shrine, participating in spiritual workshop etc.

  1. One should take bath before performing any worship

  2. One should wear clean and tidy clothes

  3. Keep the worship area and objects used in the worship clean and tidy.

  4. One should not wear shoes when performing any worship or visiting shrines, or in spiritual workshops etc.