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Subtle experiment on candle-lamp

Step 1
Focus your mind
Step 2
Observe A
Step 3
Observe B
Step 4
Compare A & B
Step 5
Input Reading
Step 6
Check Reading

6.1 How did you compare with the others doing this sixth sense experiment?

1. Independent reading

  Figure A Figure B

2. Compare

Which figure did you feel better looking at?
Figure A
Figure B
Total 10053

6.2 Answer

One feels better looking at the lamp as opposed to the candle.


6.3 The Spiritual science behind the experiment

Note: In order to understand this explanation, it is recommended that you read the article on the three subtle basic components.

The pleasant or unpleasant effect in the subtle dimension of any object depends on the proportion of sattva, raja and tama components in that object.

The frequencies, which are emitted by the wick of the candle or the lamp, depend on proportions of sattva, raja and tama of the fuel that is used for the candle or the lamp.

In the case of a candle the fuel is generally paraffin wax (which is a by-product of petroleum), which is primarily tama-raja predominant and hence it emits tama and raja-tama frequencies. As a result, it also attracts similar frequencies from the environment. This does not have a beneficial effect on the immediate environment and is least conducive to attract any divine principle.


In the case of the lamp used in the experiment, the fuel used was clarified butter (ghee). Clarified butter has a predominance of the sattva component in it and hence the flame generated by burning it emits sattvik frequencies.  Due to the predominance of sattva component in the flame, it attracts and emits divine consciousness and one gets the experience of purity in the environment. Along with it there are frequencies of Bliss that are generated and give one the experience of divine presence.

Suppose we were to use sesame seed oil as the fuel for the lamp, then the frequencies emitted would have been a combination of sattva and raja frequencies. If one were to have a highly activated sixth sense (ESP) they would be able to see the following picture.


If the lamp were to be fuelled by peanut or groundnut oil then this is what it would look like. It would emit raja frequencies.


6.4 Practical application

For rituals and worship – In every ritual or worship the aim is to seek the grace of the divine principle of God that is worshipped in that ritual as well as to generate and imbibe a maximum amount of the subtle basic sattva component. If the components used in the ritual or worship are of subtle basic sattva predominance, then there is higher ability to attract the divine principle of God and thus His grace.

Thus if the ritual or worship calls for offering of candle or lamp, then it would be to our best spiritual benefit if we offer a lamp fuelled by clarified butter instead of any other fuel.

The options for the fuel used in descending order of merit would be

  1. Clarified butter (Ghee)
  2. Sesame oil
  3. Peanut oil
  4. Candle