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Spiritual experience of Yogesh

I was introduced to Spirituality by seekers of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) in 1997. Since then I have been practicing Spirituality under the guidance of SSRF. Professionally, I am an advocate. In February 1998 in order to pursue my spiritual quest, I gave up my profession and have devoted all my time towards serving God through SSRF. Since then I am residing in the hermitage (ashram) of SSRF in India and offer my time and services towards the spread of Spirituality.

On 2nd December 2004, I was working on the maintenance of inverter batteries belonging to SSRF, along with some other fellow seekers. As I was repairing the battery, suddenly I started getting the taste of blood in my throat. I did not have any wound in my throat for me to get this taste. This weird taste of blood lasted for almost five minutes and gave me a distressing and uncomfortable feeling. The following night at around 9.30 pm, I sat to write down the distress experienced so as to document it and give it to the subtle department of the SSRF for their research. As soon as I began typing, I experienced an extreme pressure on my head, making it difficult to think and type.

– Mr. Yogesh Jaltare

Spiritual science behind the experience

Veena Aadkar, a seeker of subtle department of SSRF who has a highly developed sixth sense (ESP), took a subtle reading of the above incident.  She learnt that a subtle sorcerer, a type of ghost (demon, devil, negative energy etc.), from the sixth rung of Hell was troubling Yogesh. This was to prevent him from pursuing his spiritual practice. This sorcerer was spreading black energy in Yogesh’s throat in an attempt to create a black covering around his mind and intellect. This was manifesting in the form of the taste of blood. In order to trouble their victims, subtle sorcerers create such type of manifestations. The manifestations include foul smell or weird taste. Ghosts orchestrate these manifestations with the help of the 5 Absolute cosmic elements. Here in this case, i.e. the taste of blood, it was done with the use of the Absolute water element.

The primary weapon that the sorcerers or ghosts use is black energy.  Once a seeker’s mind and intellect is trapped by a covering of black energy, the seeker experiences increased pressure on his head and it clouds his thinking processes. As a result, all the actions of the seeker become slow and this deters his efforts in spiritual practice. Veena also observed that, at that time the subtle sorcerer had also spread black energy in the atmosphere around him.


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