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Service to the Truth (Satseva)

Service to the Truth

This is the next step in spiritual practice. Here one has understood the importance of spiritual practice and has also been graced with a number of spiritual experiences while chanting the Name of God and also attending satsang. One has seen how one’s life has been positively impacted by spiritual practice and that one is happier, irrespective of the situation that he is in. At this point in one’s spiritual journey, one undertakes service unto Absolute Truth (satsēvā).

The best way one can do service unto the Absolute Truth is to assist in spreading spiritual knowledge. This can be done in a number of ways. For example, telling others about what one has learnt and experienced so that they too can benefit from the positive changes in their lives. We have seekers who spread Spirituality by giving lectures free of charge, to awaken people to the science of Spirituality. They do not earn any money for this – then what is the benefit for them? They gain an inner feeling of Bliss (Ānand), which no amount of money or worldly success can give. Some are not comfortable giving lectures, so they write articles for newspapers or use their computer skills to assist in website related work. This website is also an example of service unto the Absolute Truth. Some serve God through art by designing the beautiful covers of the spiritual books, whereas some seekers assist other seekers by buying their railway tickets when they travel to conduct lectures. One simple devoted lady seeker had none of the above skills to offer but she was a good cook. So she would pack lunch for seekers who had to go out of town to deliver these lectures. Please refer to the article on ‘How can I contribute to SSRF?

Whatever we do best, we should offer that to God with devotion in our hearts. Our attitude should be one of service with humility and not of ego – that one is giving so much.

Here is a comparison of how much we benefit from each stage of spiritual practice. If we consider service unto the Absolute Truth as 100% beneficial, then satsang is 30% beneficial and chanting is 5% beneficial.

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