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The witch

1. Introduction

The relative spiritual strength of the witch (chetkin) is 1000. This is compared to the common ghost who would be 1 on the scale of relative strength. Refer to the article on ‘Types of ghosts’. About 2% of the world’s population is affected or possessed by them in the present times right up to 2025. Given that a low percentage of the world’s population is affected by them, we have only given a brief list of its salient features.

2. Drawing based on subtle-knowledge of the witch

Picture of a witch or chetkin

Please note that this is just a rough guideline as ghosts can take up any form depending on what they are trying to achieve. 

3. Salient features of the witch

  • A foul smell is associated with the presence of witches.
  • People possessed by witches when manifest laugh continuously.
  • They are skilled in assuming various forms.
  • They enter a person’s body and cause accidents. They then take control of subtle-bodies of these people to get them to work for them. They also train them in performing rituals to harness black energy.
  • They are capable of taking complete control of a house and can then devastate the entire family living there.
  • They are experts in the field of mantra and tantra. They are well-versed in casting magic spells.
  • They work alongside the highest type of ghosts, i.e. subtle-sorcerers (māntriks).

4. Remedies

  • Spiritual cleansing of the premises with appropriate spiritual healing remedies and Chanting the appropriate Name of God to spiritually cleanse the premises.
  • Chanting the Name of God as per the religion of birth or that advised by a Saint is the remedy to get relief from distress by the witch. Chanting should be accompanied along with progressively higher levels of spiritual practice such as company of the Absolute Truth (satsang), Service unto the Absolute Truth (satsēvā) etc.

Note: The spiritual level of the spiritual healer has to be at least 20% more than the ghost affecting or possessing the person he is trying to heal. When one is treated with external spiritual remedies one feels better for a time, but to get rid of this distress (which in many cases follows us from many births) permanently, it is important to do spiritual practice and generate continuous and lasting positivity first hand within us. Only then is it possible to get a permanent cure. If one complements the spiritual healing with chanting during spiritual healing then the distress is overcome in a shorter time.


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