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Spiritual solutions to protect oneself from the influence of negative energies on society


1. Introduction

Wearing skull designsIn the era that we live in, we are taught to view and understand the world through our five senses, mind and intellect. As a result we believe that what we see is all that there is. Very rarely do people try and experience something at a vibrational level. For example, wearing skulls as an accessory may be a new fashion trend started by some celebrity. People rush to embrace the fashion trend without stopping to think if it is appropriate and what kind of vibrations the accessory emits.

In the world that we live in, there are many such trends and behaviours that emit very negative vibrations and yet have been adopted by large sections of society. The vast majority of society does not try to understand and perceive things at a vibrational level. Therefore, many people follow negative trends and behaviours that are popularized by others who don’t know any better.

Through spiritual research, we have found that the trends and behaviours explained in this section were started or influenced by negative energies affecting or possessing people. These trends and behaviours have an extremely harmful effect, especially at a spiritual level, and reduce the spiritual purity of society. As a result, we play directly into the hands of negative energies. In fact, these actions are tantamount to inviting the negative energies to strengthen their hold over us.

Is there any way to escape this illusory stranglehold that negative energies have on society?

Yes. By educating society about practices that have been influenced by negative energies, we hope to raise the awareness of this worldwide problem. (See section: “Trends and Behavior Influenced by Negative Energies.”)  Awareness is important because unless the mind and intellect understand this aspect, the individual will never look for it or be able to act upon it. In this article, we explore the options that the human race has in order to create a cultural and spiritual shift in the world, so that society can adopt more sāttvik practices and behaviours.

2. Spiritual practice is required to understand things at a vibrational level

When a child experiences a burn when touching the stove, one will never again need to tell the child not to touch the stove. This is because the child understands through experience that touching a hot stove is painful.

The same is true with experiencing spiritual vibrations. No amount of theoretical explanation can replace the actual experience of negative vibrations emanating from an act or object. Except that with spiritual vibrations, things are not as apparent as the above example of a child and the stove.

To experience and understand spiritual vibrations, regular spiritual practice is a must. When one adopts spiritual practice that conforms to the six basic principles of spiritual practice, we receive many benefits including spiritual growth. Another benefit is the ability to perceive and experience subtle vibrations. When we are able to experience spiritual vibrations, we are more likely to choose what is spiritually better for us regardless of how enticing it may seem to the physical senses.

With regular spiritual practice another thing happens. Our spiritual purity increases and we by default, cannot tolerate things which are spiritually impure. It is for this reason that as one grows spiritually, just as a snake sheds its skin, seekers automatically transcend spiritually impure behaviours and habits of their past, such as eating non-vegetarian food, drinking alcohol, etc.

The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) has published various articles that will help you begin or further your spiritual practice:

  1. Start your spiritual journey: This article will provide you with a quick snapshot of how you can start spiritual practice that is effective. Regular spiritual practice is the best way to bring about sustainable positive change/transformation in a person.

  2. Spiritual healing remedies: We have provided our readers with various self-healing remedies such as the Salt water treatment, Box treatment and others. These simple, yet powerful spiritual healing remedies help people overcome the effect of negative energy.

  3. Online Satsangs (company of the Absolute Truth): SSRF conducts online satsangs over Skype that help seekers, providing them with direction and inspiration to persevere on their spiritual journey.

  4. Study of the SSRF website: By studying the SSRF website, one can gain spiritual perspectives on various aspects of life and phenomena. This will help to increase one’s understanding of the spiritual dimension and how it can pervasively affect our lives.

By regularly applying the above practices in your life, over time, you will be able to:

  1. Overcome the effect of negative energy and grow spiritually.

  2. Distinguish between positive and negative vibrations and consequently become capable of making better decisions for you and your loved ones.

  3. Automatically overcome bad habits that affect you at a physical, psychological and spiritual level.

  4. Reduce bad destiny.

3. Key changes required in society

  1. Education: Ideally the curriculum in our educational systems around the world needs to include guidance on what is sattvik, rājasik and tāmasik. In ancient eras such as Satyayug and Tretayug it was commonly accepted and understood how the spiritual dimension affects our lives. In the Gurukul educational system, the Guru would not only teach the students what they needed to know for their worldly life, but for their spiritual upliftment as well. This would include helping students understand spiritual science.

  2. Role of Parents: Parents need to be positive role models for their children; guiding them towards sattvik behaviour and trends. For this, the responsibility lies with parents to understand the spiritual effects of various trends and behaviours. They would themselves need to practice Spirituality.

  3. Leaders in society: Leaders and policy makers in society need to have a strong spiritual basis and understanding, otherwise it is very difficult to govern a country or state in a righteous manner that is for the benefit of all people.

  4. Standing up: Protesting against negative trends and behaviors in society, such as objecting to zombie walks in one’s city, helps to create awareness that these trends should cease.

4. Summary

Undertaking regular spiritual practice prevents one from committing unrighteous acts and sins and assures one of a happier life. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Spiritual practice is simple, it does not cost anything and it leads us to Bliss (Ānand– which is the goal of human life that each individual is striving to achieve whether we realize it or not.

A society will be healthy and happy only if each person in society is healthy and happy, and the reverse is equally true.

SSRF extends a warm welcome to all our readers to try spiritual practice with the assurance that we will do our utmost to help you through this website, our Livechat facility, online satsangs and via seekers.

Let us lead a spiritually aware life and enjoy Bliss!

For any questions please contact us at our Livechat facility

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