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Spirituality in life | A guide to sattvik living

Dear Reader,

In this section we explore the various aspects of applying principles of sāttvik living (Spirituality) in our daily life. It is necessary to be familiar with the article on the 3 subtle basic components to understand this section.

The importance of a sattvik lifestyle cannot be overstated. Just as the physical elements such as wind, weather, pollution, etc. affect us on a daily basis the spiritual frequencies emitted from the environment and our activities also affect us. Even though most people cannot perceive subtle frequencies due to a lack of sixth sense ability, they however subtly affect us all the time at a physical, psychological and spiritual level.

The below table will elucidate this concept a little more. It shows various activities and the environment that would be favourable or unfavourable.

Activity Favourable Unfavourable
Study A quiet environment A noisy environment
Exercise An unpolluted environment A polluted environment
Running a successful business A good economic environment Lack of law and order
Spiritual practice Sattvik environment Rājasik or Tāmasik environment
Wholistic and balanced living Sattvik environment Rājasik or Tāmasik environment

In actuality all favourable environments for good activity have to have some element of sāttviktā. For example noisy environments will have a higher element of Raja and Tama subtle basic components. The more the sattvikta, the more favourable the environment for holistic well-being and sustainable development. Accordingly all unfavourable environments for good activity have Raja and Tama elements.

Through the various articles in this section, we will demonstrate how any activity can either enhance or reduce the sattvikta in our lives and hence respectively enhance or reduce the overall quality of our life. The spiritual practice section of this website is about inculcating sattvikta internally i.e. purifying our mind and intellect and this section is about inculcating sattvikta in our external environment.

Rājasik and Tāmasik lifestyles invariably are laden with unhappiness, expectations and a lower quality of existence.

It is important to note that it is not just one activity that makes or breaks the sattvikta but that every activity adds to it.

In some cases we have provided subtle experiments to test your sixth sense along with the theory matter. In such cases please do conduct the experiment before reading the theory.

With warm regards and wishing you all the best in your spiritual journey,

The SSRF Team

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