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Time of death

Time of death

All of us have to die at some point and this is decided as per our destiny. There are some pre-destined time periods in our lives in which death can occur as per our destiny. The following table gives more details on these periods in a person’s life.

Period of death in person's life


The following factors influence whether a person can die during his/her pre-destined ‘probable death’ (apamrutyuyoga) or the ‘death’ (mrutyuyoga) time period.

  • Give-and-take account: The amount of give-and-take account pending with people on Earth that can be settled if the person does not die. The give-and-take account that is remaining in a person’s destiny for his current life is also an important factor that decides whether he dies before the ‘definite death’ (mahamrutyuyoga) stage.
  • Departed ancestors and ghosts: The influence of departed ancestors and ghosts may sometimes bring about early death. Read about why our departed ancestors can create problems in our lives?
  • Spiritual practice: The type and intensity of spiritual practice helps a person avoid early death, i.e. before the stage of definite death.

When  the stage of definite death arrives, it means that a person has completed his/her destiny for the current lifetime on the Earth plane of existence and to continue journey in the afterlife.

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