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Signs of Ghosts Causing or Aggravating Sickness

Signs of Ghosts Causing or Aggravating Sickness

Saints with the help of their highly active sixth sense can diagnose whether a particular sickness is caused by ghosts or departed ancestors. They can even tell us the details of the attacking ghosts, the reason behind the attack, the exact remedy, etc. For more details, please refer to the article on ‘Depth of ability to perceive paranormal activity with our sixth sense’.

Those with an activated sixth sense can also ascertain to some extent whether a certain symptom is caused by ghosts. However they cannot be 100% sure and they do not perceive many details about the nature of the attack.

What about the rest of us who do not have the sixth sense (ESP) ability to understand if a sickness is being caused by a ghost? There are some simple rules of thumb which we can apply in order to decide, by using our intellect. We can consider that there is a strong likelihood of a sickness being caused by a ghost when the symptoms are:

  • not alleviated with routine, conventional medicines
  • fleeting in nature
  • have an unexplained cause
  • accentuated on full moon or new moon days and
  • relieved by spiritual remedies

For example, if a simple skin rash is very stubborn and does not go away with conventional medicine, it is more than likely to have been caused by a ghost or departed ancestors.
Even in cases where the root causes are physical and/or psychological, we recommend that one complements the medical treatment with spiritual remedies. The reason is that ghosts take advantage of any vulnerability caused by the illness to attack a person and compound or aggravate the problem. Hence even an illness that may have started as a purely physical illness, in most cases, is later complicated by an attack by ghosts.

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