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What measures can one take to overcome problems due to ghosts at a personal level?

  • The best spiritual remedy is regular spiritual practice according to the six basic principles of spiritual practice.
  • With regard to other spiritual remedies as given on our spiritual healing page, they are most effective when they are done in conjunction with regular spiritual practice.
  • In the case of people where it is quite evident that they are possessed but are really not in a position to help themselves, family members and loved ones should try and assist them by doing spiritual practice with them. After a while it is imperative that family members nurture the possessed person towards being able to do spiritual practice by himself and thus not being dependent on them.
  • Where a person who seems to be affected or possessed refuses to undertake any spiritual practice, there is very little that can be done to help them. Family members may out of emotion want to do spiritual practice on their behalf. However this is not recommended, as the spiritual ability of an average person to overcome other’s problems by doing spiritual practice on his behalf in the current era is very low. Even praying for others has at best psychological benefits. One has to be at least at the 40% spiritual level for one’s prayers to be effective for others.

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