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How Do People Get Possessed by Ghosts?

How Do People Get Possessed by Ghosts?

1. Introduction

Spiritually curious people often ask the question ‘How do people get possessed by ghosts’? The act of possession typically goes through four generic steps. These steps can take place in a few moments or sometimes can take many months. This article explains this process in detail.

2. An analogy explaining how people get possessed by ghosts (demon, devil, negative energy, etc.)

How do people get possessed - An analogy explaining possession by a ghostThe mechanism of how people get possessed will be better understood with the analogy of a castle being attacked and under siege in the olden times. The castle’s defence systems included its walls, its archers and the food it had in its granaries to wait the enemy out. The enemy that had laid siege would patiently wait outside the castle, trying to weaken them by starving them out or through use of psychological tactics. The enemy would pounce on every opportunity to find a breach in the castle’s defence systems. This whole process could take a lot of time. However, once the castle was breached, the enemy would concentrate on expanding the breach and taking control of the castle.

From what we have uncovered by the sixth sense, this is pretty much the same way how ghosts possess a person and take control over him. The targeted person is just like the castle in the above analogy and the enemy represents the ghost.

3. Length of time it takes to get possessed

As explained above, the act of possession can happen in a few seconds or over a period of few months. It primarily depends on two factors:

  1. Vulnerability of the person being possessed. This means vulnerability at a physical or mental level.
  2. Comparative spiritual strength of the ghost and the person targeted for possession. Ghosts cannot attack or possess a person with 10% more spiritual strength than their own. Refer to article, “How much does spiritual level provide a protective sheath against ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.)?” Ghosts of higher spiritual strength can possess a person of lower spiritual strength very easily. Spiritual strength is obtained through spiritual practice.

4. Step 1: Creating the environment for demonic possession (weakening the castle’s defences)

The ghost first makes the surroundings of the person that it has targeted to be possessed favourable for the act of possession to take place. It creates or takes advantage of situations that destabilise the mind thereby weakening the person. These situations could be at the physical or mental level.

  • At a physical level, ghosts can cause or take advantage of problems such as skin rashes or making babies cry all night, so that their parents suffer from sleeplessness. They take advantage of the resultant vulnerability to create an entry point.
  • At a psychological level, they impact us by either of the following.
    • Taking advantage of personality defects such as anger, fear, emotional nature etc. They aggravate these personality defects thus adding to our vulnerability. The higher our personality defects, the easier it is for the ghost to possess, thus hastening the entire process of possession. The ghosts are easily able to possess Tama predominant people with personality defects such as weak-mindedness, instability, intense desires and fearfulness. Ghosts play up our personality defects with insidious thoughts further destabilising our world.
    • Putting negative thoughts, creating doubts about oneself and others, instigating depression, causing fights in a household. The incorrect thoughts planted in a person by the ghost make the person misbehave. The person can deviate considerably from their normal behaviour thereby disturbing their own mental balance. An example of this would be a single young woman having intense sexual thoughts and acting upon them with anonymous men. This may even lead to her being abused and aggravating the problem. Another example of this would be financial loss to the breadwinner of the family or the family getting caught up in a scandal.

So, either through physical problems or mental problems, ghosts destabilise a person’s mental balance and thereby create vulnerability.

Step 2: Point of entry (breaching the castle)

Once the weakness is being displayed by the person, the ghost makes its move. The following are a few points wherein a ghost finds it conducive to make an entry into the person’s consciousness.


How do people get possessed - Personality defects

If the personality of the possessed person is weak, the ghost can possess the person at any time. A person is very vulnerable when overcome by desires, passions or being in an emotional state. At this point of time, there is a lack of togetherness and control between the various bodies i.e. the subtle-body and the gross body (sthūladēha). In this state, any ghost can take control of that person.

If the possessed person has a strong personality, the ghost has to await an opportune moment. For example, a ghost can possess an otherwise honest person only when he has even a fleeting dishonest thought.

Weak link between the subtle and physical bodies

How do people get possessed - Ghost can possess even during sleep

Ghosts can possess easily when the sheath of the gross body is separated from the mental sheath (Manodēha), e.g. in dream state, state of despair etc. In some cases, this can happen even in a meditative state. Only a higher level ghost can take advantage of the subtle-body being separated from the gross body during meditation.


Transition times

Howdo people get possessed - Ghosts possess during fortnight

It has been observed that ghosts are most active during the transitory times like the twilight zone between day and night, the new moon day and full moon day between the waxing and waning phases of moon, eclipses, etc. These are periods with highest likelihood of people being possessed. We will cover the reasons why this happens in a separate article. The current times up until World War 3 are also a transitory period, so ghosts are more active.


Time of day

How do people get possessed - Ghosts possess during midnight

Ghosts are also most active between 12.00 to 2.00 a.m. At this time, the Tama in the environment is highest. The ghosts start their spiritual practice at this time to acquire spiritual strength and black energy.



Step 3: Creation of a centre (consolidation of the breach)

A ghost facilitates possession or control of a person through black energy. Black energy is a spiritual negative/harmful type of energy. The ghost sets up shop in a person through something known as a ‘centre’. It stores its black energy in this ‘centre’. The place that the ghost chooses as a ‘centre’ is typically a vulnerability in the person.

Most of the time, a ghost first makes its centre in the gross body, as it absorbs black energy the easiest. Generally, this is any point in the body afflicted by an illness where there is a localised rise in Raja-Tama which results in an illness. For example, an inflamed joint, an asthmatic lung, a personality defect of anger etc., becomes a prospective place for a ‘centre’ of the ghost.

The ghost infuses black energy into the physical or mental vulnerability and firmly establishes it as the centre. A creation of a proper centre can take a ghost many years. Through a centre, the ghost goes on to progressively transmit black energy throughout the rest of the mind and intellect.

Step 4: Taking control

The possessing ghost (demon, devil, negative energy, etc.) covers the sheath of the gross body of the possessed person with its own mental and causal (intellect) body sheaths (kāraṇdēha). Consequently, the mental and causal body sheaths of the possessed person become non-functional. The person then begins to talk, walk, think and behave according to the new mental and causal body sheaths of the ghost.

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