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Which People are Attacked by Ghosts or Demons?

Which People are Attacked by Ghosts or Demons?

1. The root cause of being targeted or attacked by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies etc.) for possession

First, let us understand the underlying root causes behind why a ghost may target a person either to affect him or to possess him.


demon and ghosts attacks


1. If a give-and-take account exists that needs to be settled between a ghost and a person: If the ghost has suffered unhappiness from the person, it will seek revenge.

2. To seek control of a person in order to fulfill its desires and cravings through the medium of the affected individual: The ghost generally possesses a person whose desires match its own as then it is far easier to fulfill them.

3. If a person has insulted or angered the ghost knowingly or unknowingly: For example, urinating on a tree that the ghost resides on.

4, To stop the attempts of a person engaged in spreading Spirituality: A person doing only individual spiritual practice (i.e. for only their own spiritual growth) predominantly achieves internal purification. On the other hand, the person doing spiritual practice for the sake of society achieves internal purification and also contributes largely to enhancing the basic subtle Sattva component in the environment.

While we have been using the words ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies etc.) generically to represent all types of ghosts, it is important to note that the difference in power between the higher level ghosts and lower level ghosts is immense. It is like comparing the military might of the Unites States of America to a small country in the Pacific Ocean. Though they both have the status of being sovereign nations, they are not in the same league in terms of military strength.

This greatly troubles the ghost as it is contrary to its very high Raja-Tama nature. That is why the ghost attacks and causes distress to the seeker doing spiritual practice for the sake of society. The seeker doing spiritual practice for the sake of society is attacked by the ghost with more intensity, earlier in his spiritual growth. However he is also that much more graced and protected by Saints and God. The person also derives the added benefits of doing spiritual practice for the sake of society.

5.  If a person visits a place that the ghost haunts, he could be troubled by the ghost.

2. Some statistics on the causes behind attacks by ghosts

• The following table gives the relative likelihood of causes behind being affected by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.)

Reason behind an attack by ghosts %
1. To complete the give-and-take account between the      ghost and the targeted person 30
2. To try to fulfill the ghost’s desires 30
3. Because the ghost was angered by the person 10
4. To stop the spread of Spirituality undertaken by the targeted person 5
5. Visit to haunted places by the targeted person 4
6. Unknown or Misc. 21
Total 100

• Another key statistic is the driver behind ghost attack. In 90% of the cases where a ghost affects or possesses a person, it is because it has been ordered by a higher level ghost. Only in 10% of the cases does it attack a person on its own.

3. Who are more likely to fall prey to attacks by ghosts?

Ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) find it easy to attack and possess the following types of people. (Note: In order to understand this article we recommend that you first read the article on the three subtle basic components.)

Ghosts that are lower in the hierarchy, i.e. below the 50% spiritual level such as common ghosts are raja-tama predominant. Ghosts that are higher in the hierarchy, i.e. above the 50% spiritual level such as sorcerers from the 6th and 7th regions of hell are tama-raja predominant.

  • With a physical illness: Any illness or disease that afflicts a person basically means that there is an increase in the subtle basic Tama component with a concomitant decrease in the Sattva component. The Tama component increases substantially when the illness is severe and prolonged.

    A higher Sattva predominance ensures protection against ghosts, whereas when the Sattva component is low, it is easier for ghosts to affect the person or to gain entry through the Tama predominant area. As ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) are predominantly composed of Tama and Raja subtle components, they target the wound or diseased area as a point of entry into the person.

  • With a weak mind: These persons are easy prey for ghosts. The personality defects such as anger, greed, being highly emotional, etc. are like wounds in our mind. These are again high Raja-Tama or Tama-Raja areas in our mind. The personality defects therefore act as easy entry points for ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.). Once the demonic possession is in progress, the ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) use the personality defects of people to control them. They also turn up the amplitude of these defects, for example making an already emotional person excessively emotional. This further weakens the mind of the person allowing the demonic possession to continue on a sustained basis.

The principle is that out of the person targeted for attack and the attacking ghost, whoever is spiritually stronger, wins. If the ghost has more spiritual strength than the person to be attacked, then it can affect or possess the person at will.

If a person has a higher spiritual level, his defense against ghost attacks is stronger as a result of:

  • His own spiritual strength
  • Higher protection that he receives from God

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