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How addictive behaviour is caused during pregnancy itself

How addictive behaviour is caused during pregnancy itself

70% of mental health problems have their onset during childhood or adolescence.

– Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Canada

1. Introduction to how addictions have their root cause during pregnancy

In this article, we explain the subtle-mechanism of being affected or possessed by ghosts or subtle-bodies of departed ancestors as a root cause of addiction.

Spiritual research indicates that almost all acts of possession by a ghost to prime a person for addiction begin in the womb itself. It is less likely for a ghost to begin priming an individual for addiction in adulthood. The reason for this is that a person is at his most vulnerable state when in an embryo form. The greater the number of impressions of personality defects that the conceived embodied soul has from previous births, the easier it is for the ghosts/subtle bodies of ancestors to attack.

The following is a detailed account of the subtle mechanism of possession in the womb.

2. Steps in development of addiction caused by subtle bodies of ancestors during pregnancy

Step 1: In a majority of cases, the subtle body of a departed ancestor/ghost attacks the person while in the mother’s womb at the embryonic stage. Even prior to conception, at the time of intercourse itself, the subtle body of the ancestor enters the body of the mother through her vagina and it impregnates the entire uterus with black energy.

Ghost spiritual attacks during intercourse

The process of the spermatozoon uniting with the ovum is also covered with black energy. The impact is minimised as the spiritual level of the parents increases. Regular spiritual practice and prayer before and if possible even during intercourse also helps to minimise the negative impact.  The prayer can be along the following lines:

  • God, if today’s contact is going to culminate in conception, please protect the conception from any type of ghost attack.  Please let the conception be sāttvik.

Even if the opportunity of praying before and during conception is missed and pregnancy has already happened, the parents can still chant and pray as follows:

  • God, please grace the baby with the impression of chanting when in the womb itself.

The mother can hold her fingers in a nyās position on her navel or spread the palm of her hand on her belly and chant with prayers as described above. This can be continued on a regular basis throughout the pregnancy. She can also say prayers as given below:

    • God, please grace the baby with a protective sheath of your divine energy.
    • God, please let the baby breathe in Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) when it is breathing subtly inside me.

Ghosts demons interference in intercourse

Step 2: Then the subtle body of the ancestor/ghost goes on to spread a network of its strands of black energy in the entire uterus. In this way, the embryo is trapped even before it has grown.

ghost demon attacks on womb for addiction - spiritual view on the cause

Step 3: During the growth of the embryo, the subtle body of ancestor/ghost interferes at the time of the development of the subtle cells of the mental sheath and sows the seeds of intense thoughts of addiction. Thus the embryo grows with thoughts of addictions.

 ghost demon as the cuase sowing the thoughts of addiction

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Step 4: Then the subtle-body of the ancestor/ghost attacks the brain cells of the embryo and makes them conducive to imbibe thoughts of addiction.

Attack on the brain cells after 6 weeks

Step 5: With further growth of the embryo, the subtle-body of the ancestor/ghost merges with the embryo’s body and takes complete possession. As a result, some children develop addictions in their teenage years.

ghost demon influence on foetus to cause addiction

Just because a departed ancestor has targeted a certain embryo does not mean that he has to wait for 15-20 years as the person comes of age before he can satisfy his cravings. In the meantime, he can possess other descendants, thus satisfying his desires for any substance or thing. What the ancestor does by possessing the embryo and creating a black energy centre for addiction is akin to a rich man acquiring apartments, penthouses or villas in various cities across the globe. He may not even visit a certain apartment for years at a stretch. However he has a facility that gives him easy and ready entry when he needs to use it.

The reason why an addiction in some people starts earlier as opposed to others is that the ghost waits for an opportune moment to actively initiate the addiction. This will depend on a number of factors that increase the vulnerability of the person. These factors include:

  • Reduction in merits
  • A patch of bad time as per destiny
  • Decrease in will power due to psychological problems such as difficult life situations, tension, depression etc.

3. Development of addiction during pregnancy or later due to possession by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.)

Sometimes people without strong will power are targeted by common ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) during their adulthood. After entering their bodies, ghosts fuel the person’s desire for certain things thus making them addicts. However the majority of addicts (i.e. 70% of them) are affected by the thoughts of addictions while in their mother’s womb itself.

During their lifetime a person who has been possessed and addicted to a substance or a thing may begin to like it or at least find comfort in it. When the person dies, they may find themselves missing the pleasure of the addiction.

After death, this person himself becomes a ghost and enters the body of the next woman from that generation for the fulfilment of his addiction. This intent to harm another person turns him into a ghost and thus he becomes trapped in a vicious cycle of his addiction for many of his subsequent descendants’ lifetimes. This cycle thus continues generation after generation.

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