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Spiritual vibrations in the home and their effects (vastu shastra)

1. Introduction

All of us have a place we call home. The kind of home we live in can be very different based on our lifestyle. Depending on where we live, how our house is built, how we maintain it etc., our home can give off different spiritual vibrations too.

Our spiritual research has shown that improving the spiritual vibrations of our homes can have many positive effects such as increased financial security, improved relationships between those living in the home, more happiness among residents, and less obstacles to spiritual practice done by those in the home.

In this article we will understand what affects the spiritual vibrations of our homes.

2. Studying vibrations in premises

In spiritual research, importance is given to studying the spiritual realm. Through this study we are able to start understanding the true cause and effect of any experience. For example, through spiritual research we understand that marital discord can be caused by our departed ancestors.

In the same way, spiritual research can help us understand why some types of homes bring good fortune and happiness while others cause distress to their residents. To study spiritual vibrations in housing, let us first understand some basic concepts from the science of vāstushāstra, as explained in the next section.

2.1 What is vastushastra?

Definition: Vastushastra is a Vēdic science that explains the difference between pleasant and distressing frequencies generated in premises.

2.2. What is a vastu ?

Vastu  (or ‘premises’) refer to an open space enclosed by walls on all sides, irrespective of whether it has a roof.

Every such built space has a centre of energy, also known as the Deity of the premises. Its mission is to endow energy to any pleasant or distressing event occurring there.

2.3 Frequencies in premises

In order to understand the difference between pleasant and distressing frequencies generated in premises, let us first understand how these frequencies are created.

There are three kinds of frequencies in empty premises:

  • The first type consists of frequencies emitted by the plot of land the premises is built on. (Refer to figure A below.)
  • The second type consists of 360 frequencies that travel horizontally to the Earth region (Bhūlok) (Refer article on ‘Life after death’). These frequencies go through the premises in a circular fashion.
  • The third type consists of the frequencies of thoughts due to those constructing the premises, those living in the premises, and those visiting the premises.

What is a vastu and how are frequencies created in it?

These three types of frequencies interact and as a result, the overall movement of the frequencies in the premises becomes haphazard. (Refer to figure B above.)

Vastushastra helps us understand how to avoid the effect of some of these haphazard vibrations.

3. Factors affecting vibrations in premises

3.1 Factors affecting vibrations in premises according to vastushastra

Vastushastra advises, in a lot of detail, on how we can construct premises so as to avoid distress and attract spiritually positive vibrations. Below we have given just a few examples of its guidelines.

3.1.1 Vibrations of the plot of land

When choosing land for premises, it is important to check what kind of vibrations the land attracts. For example:

Spiritual vibrations in the home and their effects (vastu shastra)

  • Quadrangular or rectangular plots create positive effects while other shapes of plots are likely to have distressing effects.
  • When the distance between the northern and southern borders is greater than the distance between the eastern and western borders the land bestows soothing vibrations. An opposite arrangement brings distress.
  • When the front part of the plot is narrower than the hind part, the land bestows opulence and mental peace to the owner. When the front part of the plot of land is wider than the hind part, the plot gives off negative vibrations that torment the owner.
  • A small plot of land between two large plots causes distress because the frequencies of the bigger plots markedly affect the smaller one.

Apart from this, vastushastra provides details about how ascents and descents affect a plot, what type of surroundings are favourable or distressing, whether presence of water in the form of rivers, lakes or pond is desirable etc. For example, building a house near a cemetery or crematorium is not recommended, since the subtle-bodies of the deceased and negative energies (ghosts, demons, devils etc) that visit the place can be a cause of distress.

3.1.2 Vibrations of the actual premises

According to vastushastra, the spiritual vibrations of the actual premises also depend on a number of factors:

  • Material used in construction e.g. stone and mud have greater potential to attract positive frequencies than cement.
  • The direction which the main door, kitchen, toilet etc. face.
  • The purpose of the premises e.g. a house, a shopping mall, a palace, a temple etc.

3.1.3 Distress experienced by those living in defective premises

Improperly built premises are likely to cause different types of distress to the residents:

  • Physical illnesses such as disorders of the stomach, rheumatism, paralysis etc.
  • Psychological problems such as anxiety, depression etc.
  • Ill effects on the foetus.
  • If the placement of rooms in the premises is wrong then specific types of distress may be experienced.

3.2 Factors contributing towards vibrations in premises

In an earlier article on spiritually cleansing one’s home from a haunting, we had presented how much each of the above factors influence the overall vibrations of premises.

Spiritual vibrations in the home and their effects (vastu shastra)

This breakdown clarifies that the residents and what they do in the premises determine the vibrations of the premises to a far greater degree than the physical properties of the land and buildings.

3.3 Spiritual causes for frequencies in premises

Generally, since premises are nowadays RajaTama predominant, the form of energy in them is akin to that of demons and not Deities.

Apart from this, some types of premises attract negative energies (ghosts, devils, demons etc.). E.g. distressing frequencies are experienced in a hospital, police station, prison, a place where evil transactions are carried out, a place where a murder has occurred, a cemetery or crematorium etc. because the individuals there are unhappy or have evil attitudes.

By undertaking regular spiritual practice according to the six basic principles of Spirituality and leading a Sattva predominant lifestyle, it is possible to attract positive frequencies into premises. Some practical points on this subject are provided in our next article on this topic.

4. In summary – spiritual vibrations in the home

Vastushastra gives very useful advice on the choice of land and architecture for a pleasant home. However, it is important to understand that the nature of the residents in the home and the activities which occur in the premises carry more importance in determining what we experience in them.

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