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Spiritual healing for extreme acidity and hunger pangs

1. Early symptoms of extreme acidity and hunger pangs

In the year 2000, I began waking up at night craving for cold milk. I was shocked because I am lactose intolerant, and I had avoided drinking milk for many years. This continued for a week and then I had a severe stomach upset, which used to happen in the past if I ate or drank milk (dairy products). The only thing I could tolerate in small quantities was freshly made naturally sweetened yoghurt. Eating at night became a regular activity and soon I wanted to eat something more substantial to stave off the hunger. I would eat chapattis and fruit with milk. Gradually the hunger increased and I began waking up at all odd hours due to intense hunger. This was extremely odd and surprising as I had never experienced anything like this before. By now I was also craving non-vegetarian food. I had given up non-vegetarian food completely since 1980. So I ended up eating food that I could not tolerate and was unable to eat the things that I normally ate.

I realized that the level of acidity in my stomach was rising and so was my weight. My skin had become so sensitive; I could not step out into the sunshine without an umbrella. Another odd symptom I faced was that the water I drank would always taste bitter. There was a growing and sustained intolerance to so many foods that gradually I could not eat regular everyday food. Eating wheat products in any form was causing me a lot of pain. About this time, I also developed an extremely bad cough and no medicine seemed to help.

2. Views of doctors on my problem of acidity and hunger

When I consulted my doctors they thought it could be due to:

  1. The onset of menopause
  2. Extreme stress
  3. A history of colitis or ulcers

I have consulted 17 doctors in the past 13 years and each time I would recount to them my entire medical history. Allopathy, homeopathy, Āyurvēda, and naturopathy were unable to help me and the doctors frankly expressed their inability to cure me. Invariably, I was asked to undergo more medical tests. Tests were repeated again and again in many different pathology labs. I heard from someone that ‘aura imaging’ could target the problem, but the interpreter of the aura imaging too was unable to identify the problem. I was even recommended bariatric surgery, but I knew this was not the answer. The truth was that I could not tolerate even the medicines that doctors prescribed. All medicines triggered abdominal pain and enormous hunger within 15 minutes of taking them, followed by a lot of acidity. Acidity further exacerbated the hunger and then when I ate more, I would have more acidity. The vicious circle continued. Medicines that were supposed to give “relief from acidity” could not help at all.

My gynaecologist had sought a psychiatric evaluation in the very beginning of my menopause. During these many arduous years I would talk to the therapist who ruled out depression, but was basically unable to help.

3. Situation complicates further with becoming overweight

By now I weighed 84 kilograms. Before this adverse phase in my life, I weighed only 48-50 kilograms. In order to try to reduce my weight, I was walking for an hour every day at a steady pace. I also performed all the exercises suggested by my physiotherapist and gym instructor. Along with this I did all the household chores and was very active despite the growing aches and pains.

Due to an increase in weight, I started developing pain in my joints. Gradually the pain in the joints became so intense that the doctor asked me to stop the exercise and continue with only walking. One can only imagine what all this did to me at a mental, emotional and social level.

4. Temporary relief due to acupuncture followed by and escalation of the acidity problem

Finally in 2012, I decided to consult a specialist in acupuncture. I told him that the gynaecologist cautioned against doing anything to disturb the endocrine system. He agreed to refrain from any therapy that would trigger off a major problem.

A couple of months later we began to see results. I was not feeling compelled to eat at night for 1, 2, 3 or even 4 nights in a week, sometimes even in a row. The acidity levels remained the same and so did cough but by now I had found a method of tackling both issues. I slept on my chest on an incline formed by pillows to stop the acidity reflux and severe pain in the throat and drank tiny sips of cold water often in order to dilute the acidity and so as to avoid experiencing the side effects of medicines. Water hydrated my severely dry throat and mouth. It was so bad at times that I would have a feeling that my intestines were stuck or falling inwards. Due to drinking so much water I had to make frequent visits to the toilet. So between trips for food, drinking water, changing sleep positions, etc., I would have very little sleep at night.

The acupuncturist had worked on the endocrine system despite repeated warnings from me not to do it. This triggered the need for immediate surgery. A month after this surgery I was still experiencing the above mentioned symptoms.

5. Desperation led to finding SSRF and a solution to these problems

One evening in utter and absolute desperation I searched the Internet. By God’s grace I happened to find the SSRF website and read literally every word on it. I found the chant for healing my problems – the ‘Shrī Gurudev Datta’ chant – and started it immediately as I realized that my problems were caused by departed ancestral spirits. I slept peacefully that night after years and did not eat during the night! I continued with chanting and slowly added more chants for hyperacidity as well as for bone aches and pain.

6. Gratefulness for the spiritual healing of acidity and hunger pangs

Now it is 11 months since I first started the chant ‘Shri Gurudev Datta.’ I have not eaten at night during these 11 months. Today the acidity and heartburn I was suffering from has reduced substantially. Also my cough has disappeared, my weight has come down to 76 kilograms, my skin is behaving, food tolerance is improving, and water tastes normal once again.

Had I known about this spiritual healing chant earlier, I would have been spared the agony I endured all these years and would not have had to spend so much hard earned money needlessly on doctors, medicines, surgery and therapies.

Can a simple chant have so much power? Can it do the impossible? The answer for me is a resounding YES!

I have written about my experience and I can only bow my head in absolute submission to the power of the Divine and express my heartfelt gratitude to SSRF for making this knowledge available for free to the whole world.

Please do not hesitate to start chanting, as you can only benefit from it. That is my wish for SSRF readers.

– The seeker desires to remain anonymous

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