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How to use Holy water

SSRF advises continuation of conventional medical treatment along with spiritual healing remedies for the treatment of physical and psychiatric illnesses.

Readers are advised to take up any spiritual healing remedy at their own discretion.

1. What are the uses of Holy water made from Holy ash from SSRF incense sticks or from charging?

As the Holy water contains positive energy derived from Divine consciousness (Chaitanya), it can be used in imparting positive energy. This is both as a preventive measure as well as in removal of negative black energy of ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.).

For mechanism of action of Holy water refer to the article ‘How to make and handle Holy water from Holy ash derived from SSRF incense sticks?

The Holy water made from Holy ash from SSRF incense sticks or charging can be used as a potent spiritual healing remedy in broadly 3 ways:

  1. Sprinkling on the person, around a person, on the bed and in the premises
  2. Application on ailing body parts
  3. Holy water made from the method of charging water through chanting can also be consumed as a spiritual healing remedy.

2. Sprinkling on the person, around a person and on the bed

For this you will require a glass or bowl of Holy water obtained by charging the water with positive energy derived from chanting or adding Holy ash from SSRF incense sticks. Begin by praying that the sprinkling of Holy water impart positive energy and destroy any negative black energy of ghosts. Then sprinkle the Holy water on yourself or the affected person.

Holy water can be sprinkled on and around the bed before going to sleep to derive benefit of the positive energy and to prevent any negative black energy attack from ghosts. This is an effective remedy to alleviate nightmares, sleep interrupted by continuous dreams and insomnia that can be caused by ghosts or departed ancestors.

In the same way we can sprinkle Holy water on and around us, creating a protective border around us when studying or working to prevent attacks by ghosts.

Sprinkling of Holy water in the premises helps in spiritually cleansing and purifying the premises.

3. Effect of sprinkling Holy water on ghosts

Regular sprinkling of Holy water constitutes a big nuisance to ghosts so that they are forced to move away from the person and eventually to leave him. The following video shows the reactions of ghosts to Holy water made from SSRF incense sticks. These ghosts have manifested but even if they are unmanifest the amount of pain that they have to tolerate is substantial when Holy water is sprinkled. The healers sprinkling Holy water as a spiritual healing remedy are above the 60% spiritual level and this further contributes to the potency of the Holy water.

Refer to the article on what is manifest and unmanifest state of ghosts.

4. Application of Holy water

Application of Holy water on parts of the body that are experiencing pain helps in alleviating pain, especially when it is caused by spiritual causes like attack by ghosts. Whether the root cause of pain is spiritual can be known only through the evolved sixth sense. We can safely conclude at an intellectual level that the pain is due to spiritual causes if no definite diagnosis is arrived at despite best conventional tests or if it does not respond to best known conventional treatment measures. The Divine consciousness in the Holy water helps overcome the subtle basic Tama component in the affected parts as well as destroys the negative black energy causing pain in specific body part. Applying Holy water to eyes helps overcome unnatural drowsiness.

5. Consumption of Holy water

Consumption of Holy water that has been made through charging helps to increase the basic subtle Sattva component in the body and thus imparts positivity to it. This helps in increasing the spiritual wellbeing and overcoming any negativity that is reflected in various kinds of distress like aches and pains, various illnesses, insomnia, apathy, depression and other economic and social problems in life. Regular intake of a spoonful of Holy water acts like a spiritual tonic boosting the positive energy levels thereby providing protection against attacks by negative black energy of ghosts.

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