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Holy water from Holy ash

SSRF advises continuation of conventional medical treatment along with spiritual healing remedies for the treatment of physical and psychiatric illnesses.

Readers are advised to take up any spiritual healing remedy at their own discretion.

1. How to make Holy water

There are many ways of making Holy water (Tirthā). They are:

  1. Holy water by adding Holy ash (Vibhūti) to water
  2. Holy water by charging water with chanting
  3. Holy water by adding Holy earth (Holy earth refers to the earth from places where Saints of the highest order have lived.)
  4. Blessing water. (Can only be done by a person above the spiritual level of 50%. Below this spiritual level a person has little or no ability to increase the Divine Consciousness or Chaitanya in the water.)
  5. Holy water by touch (i.e. when a Saint touches water)

In this section we will be explaining how to make Holy water from Holy ash obtained from SSRF incense sticks.

2. How to make Holy water from SSRF incense sticks

Use of Holy water made from SSRF incense sticks is a handy self-help spiritual remedy that can be used regularly to gain positive energy as well as to get relief from distress of ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies etc.).

Holy water is made by adding Holy ash obtained from SSRF incense sticks to water. Holy ash is obtained by lighting a SSRF incense stick and collecting the ash.

Refer to the

To constitute the title of ‘Holy’ it is important that the Divine consciousness in the Holy ash added to the water be at least 2%. The ash obtained by burning a SSRF incense stick has this requisite Divine Consciousness.

To make Holy water you will require:

  • Holy ash obtained by lighting SSRF incense sticks
  • Water


  • Begin with a prayer to God that, “May the specific aspect of God (deity principle) associated with the fragrance in the SSRF incense stick get activated and that it spiritually enriches the Holy water.
  • Then take Holy ash from the container with your right hand and add it to the water.

Once the Holy ash is added the water becomes spiritually charged and is considered Holy water. It is ready to be used as a spiritual healing remedy by applying or sprinkling it.

2.1 What is the proportion of SSRF Holy ash to be added to water?

Depending on the volume of Holy water to be made, we have to add a proportionate amount of Holy ash.

  • SSRF Holy ash is to be added in the proportion of a pinch to a glass of water.
  • A quarter teaspoon of Holy ash will be required for a bucketful of water.

2.2 Why is it important that only the right hand be used for taking Holy ash?

The right hand corresponds to the Sun Channel (Sūryanāḍi) of the spiritual energy system of the body and hence more spiritual energy flows through the right hand. Thus it is the more spiritually active hand.

The right hand has more of the subtle basic Raja component and hence is more potent in activation of the Holy ash.

3. Mechanism of action of Holy water

Holy water (made from SSRF incense sticks) derives its spiritual healing power mainly from the SSRF Holy ash added to the water. The ash from the SSRF incense sticks imparts benefit of the Divine consciousness of the specific deity principle that is attracted by the particular fragrance of each incense stick.

SSRF Holy ash acts at the level of the Absolute Cosmic Fire Principle (Tējtattva). When we introduce this Holy ash into water, it intermingles with the Absolute Cosmic Water Principle (Āpatattva) in the water to give a combined healing effect using both Absolute Principles. In fact the effect is faster as the Absolute Water Principle makes the Divine consciousness in the Holy ash more free flowing and more easily absorbable.

3.1 What happens at a subtle level when SSRF Holy ash is introduced into the water?

The following is a subtle sixth sense vision view of Holy water made from Holy ash from SSRF incense sticks.

Ordinary water is a mixture of raja/tama and some sattva Holy water from Holy ash What is Holy water made of - positive energy Holy water ready for drinking

3.2 The effect of Holy water made from the Holy ash of SSRF incense sticks

  • Those with distress from ancestors or ghosts The positive energy from the Holy water destroys black energy transmitted by ancestors or ghosts from the Nether region (Bhuvarlok) and the first region of Hell (Pātāl). Constant use of Holy water troubles the departed ancestors or lower level ghosts affecting people. When application of Holy water is coupled with spiritual practice that conforms to the six basic principles of spiritual practice, it provides a powerful deterrent to lower level ghosts. Over time the negative entities are forced to leave. In almost all cases, as the average person is affected by their departed ancestors and common ghosts (bhūt) from the first region of Hell, they find sustained relief from problems instigated by these spiritual root causes.In cases of attacks by higher ghosts, the black energy is dispelled.As the main weapon of the ghosts is their black energy, the distress suffered by a person being attacked by an ancestor or ghost like headache, confusion, depression etc. is alleviated by sprinkling Holy water on the affected person. Regular spiritual practice is the best way to get Divine protection and gain sustainable relief from problems caused by higher level ghosts.

A person using Holy water as the sole spiritual healing remedy and on a single occasion gains temporary relief from his symptoms caused by ghosts. However use of Holy water can be repeated any number of times as per our requirement and circumstances.

4. How is the benefit from the Holy water enhanced

  • Spiritual purity of the Holy ash: If the Holy ash used in the making of Holy water is contaminated with Raja-Tama due to incorrect handling, storage or attack by departed ancestors or ghosts, the benefit derived from it will be reduced. Refer to the article ‘How to handle Holy ash’.
  • Faith of the user: Holy water gives better results as a spiritual healing remedy if one uses it with faith.
  • Spiritual level of the user: The higher the spiritual level of the person using Holy water as a self-help spiritual healing remedy the better is its efficacy.
  • Spiritual level of the healer (if he is using it as a spiritual healing remedy). 95% of the effect of Holy water as a spiritual healing remedy is attributed to the spiritual level of the person sprinkling the water.

5. Comparative strength/benefit of Holy water

What is Holy water benefit

As you can see from the above table the maximum that water can be charged with Divine consciousness is 5%. This is when it is charged by a person at the spiritual level of a Saint of 90% either through touch, looking or thought. The introduction of Holy ash after the water has been charged with Divine consciousness by a Saint has very little added benefit. However for most people due to a lack of spiritual ability they cannot charge water with Divine consciousness through their chanting as much as Holy ash can.

6. How should Holy water made from SSRF incense sticks be handled?

As Holy water acts at a spiritual level, its efficacy is directly proportional to its sāttviktā and the reverence and the faith with which it is treated and handled. Please refer to the articleHow should Holy ash made from SSRF incense sticks be handled? to get an idea about some Do’s and Don’ts about handling of Holy water.

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