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Sr. No. Top  Videos No. of Views*
1 Violent Demonic Possession – Shocking Footage 9,014,779
2 Salt Water Treatment – Spiritual healing (2 mins) 1,725,087
3 Salt Water Cleansing Therapy (Spiritual healing)   919,727
4 The Alarming Effects of Alcohol at a Spiritual Level   417,606
5 Horrifying Supernatural Encounters – Blood Stains Attack 344,578
6 Astonishing video – Ghosts React Intensely to Holy Water 284,575
7 Speaking in tongues – Demonic Possession 299,415
8 Meaning of Halloween – reasons to stop celebrating it 143,621
9 Is Meat Bad for You? Reasons to Stop Eating Meat   88,924
10 How to apply Holy ash (Vibhuti)   73,509
Sr. No. Editor’s Choice Videos No. of Views*
1 Eclipse December 2019 – It’s Meaning & Little-Known Effects 17,841
2 Powerful Spiritual Solutions for Problems in Life (live and Aware Life) 59,545
3 What is Karma? – Explanation How Karma Works 16,291
4 Why do we do the things we do 4,997
5 1st Basic principle of Spiritual Practice 3,573

* The number of times the video was viewed. Updated on 1st May 2021

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