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Spiritual research exposes true causes of addictions and their treatment

MELBOURNE, Nov.8 /Medianet International-AsiaNet/ —

The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) states that 96% of the root causes of any type of addiction are actually in the spiritual realm, caused due to possession by an entity.

SSRF, based in Melbourne, Australia has recently published breakthrough research about the causes of addictions. The organisation conducts spiritual research which includes the spiritual realm, along with physical and psychological factors in determining the causative factors behind problems in life. By spiritual realm, SSRF means the realm of heaven, hell, netherworld, etc. which cannot be analysed by conventional research methodologies. It maintains that spiritual research can only be conducted by the use of an advanced sixth sense (ESP) and is more holistic than conventional research methodologies.

Highlights of the spiritual research undertaken in addictions are:

  • 96% of all types of addictions are primarily caused due to possession by either ghosts or our departed ancestors.
  • In contrast, a total of only 4% is attributed to physical and psychological factors. This includes physical reasons such as a person’s intense liking for a certain substance or psychological reasons such as anxiety, depression etc.
  • Seemingly addictive substances such as nicotine and heroin account for only 0.75% and 3% of the reason respectively as to why people are addicted.
  • As the root cause is possession by some entity in the spiritual realm, the treatment of addiction is most efficient only when using spiritual healing remedies. This is also the reason why historically there have been low success rates with treatment of addictions.
  • SSRF recommends a cost-free three step spiritual treatment program, which will ensure higher success rates of quitting the addictive habit if carried out meticulously.

“The major benefit of the three step spiritual treatment program for addictions is that there are minimal withdrawal symptoms unlike what addicts experience when undergoing conventional treatments”, says Sean Clarke, editor of the SSRF website. “We have had a 100% success rate over dozens of cases over a wide range of addictions from alcohol, to cigarettes, to drugs.

SSRF maintains that while the treatment will definitely work on any type of addiction, an important factor that is a prerequisite to the treatment is the person’s desire to kick the habit.

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Source: Spiritual Science Research Foundation INC.

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