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LEGACY – Addictions

addictions causes and treatment

Unknown to modern science, spiritual research indicates that 40% of the causes of addictions are due to ghosts or departed ancestors from the spiritual dimension. The seeds of addictions are introduced in the womb itself by such entities. Due to the spiritual nature of the cause of addictions, only spiritual healing can effectively overcome addiction. A three-step spiritual treatment program is suggested by SSRF that helps to combat negative energies. Spiritual healing measures also help to reduce the intensity of withdrawal symptoms. It is important to remember that prevention is better that cure. Undertaking spiritual healing measures along with regular spiritual practice acts as a spiritual protection mechanism from entities in the spiritual dimension so that they cannot possess and take advantage of us.

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addiction overcoming program


Definition of addiction

Understand the definition SSRF subscribes to according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.

Addictions are a worldwide problem

People waste time, money, and energy pursuing an addiction that takes them away from the true purpose of life.

Spiritual causes of addiction

Spiritual research shows that the root cause of this worldwide problem is in the spiritual dimension.

Why do some people become addicts and others do not?

The negative destiny of the person has a large part to play in substance abuse. What are the other spiritual factors?

Addictions and economically developed societies

Why do people in economically developed societies become more susceptible to adopting addictive behaviour?

How addictive behaviour is caused during pregnancy itself

The seed of addictive behaviour of a person is actually sown when they are in their mother’s womb itself.

Addiction treatment through spiritual healing

Treatment of addictions can best be done through spiritual healing as it tackles the illness at its root.

Suggested Spiritual Treatment for Addictions

addiction treatment through spiritual healingProblems that have a spiritual root cause can only be effectively overcome through spiritual measures.

prevention of addictionThe 3 step spiritual treatment for treatment of addictions also acts as a preventive measure.

remedy for addctionsThe salt water remedy works to cleanse harmful black energy and drain it out of our system.

Case Studies – overcoming addictions through spiritual practice

testimony on smoking and alcohol addiction

Smoking and alcohol addiction

Cyriaque explains how he could stop smoking and drinking when he started spiritual practice.

Drug addictionaddiction to drugs overcome

Anthony experienced that once he began chanting God’s Name, he was able to stop using marijuana immediately.

positive changes after overcoming adictionJT’s positive changes

Read how JT’s life changed for the better after only 9 months of spiritual practice.

Giving up alcohol addiction

Fintan gave up alcohol completely by doing spiritual practice and now feels much happier, calmer and more confident.

testimonie about smoking addictionAddicted to cigarette smoking

Omprakash was smoking for 11 years and finally quit smoking after applying spiritual remedies.

alcohol addictionAlcohol addiction

Only spiritual remedies were successful in overcoming Mr Nikam’s alcohol abuse.

addiction to chewing tobaccoChewing tobacco addiction

“Due to the spiritual practice, I could give up chewing tobacco without making any special efforts.” – Mrs Ambhore

testimony on smoking addictionAddiction to smoking

“It has now been over 9 years since I quit smoking and I attribute this to my regular spiritual practice.” – Mr Mulye

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addictions and other difficulties in lifeBy understanding the spiritual root causes of the problems in our lives, we have a higher chance in overcoming them.

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