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Why should you perform Shraddha even if you are not a Hindu


Sean Clarke

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Research findings show that the positive energy and aura of a person can double after conducting the Shraddha ritual, regardless of culture and religion.

MELBOURNE/NEW JERSEY (05 Sep 2017) – Every year during the fortnight of Pitrupaksha, Hindus perform the ritual of Shraddha to appease their dead ancestors and help them in their onward journey in the afterlife. Is this merely a custom shrouded in religious beliefs or is there a solid reason for it? According to SSRF, an organisation specialising in spiritual research, Shraddha is a potent ritual that not only helps one’s ancestors but also creates a protective positive covering around their descendants.

Sean Clarke, the editor of the SSRF website, explains that the primary method employed by SSRF to conduct spiritual research is the use of an advanced sixth sense. In addition, SSRF also uses aura and energy scanners to facilitate research in areas such as Shraddha. In a recent paper published by the research team at SSRF, the potency of the Shraddha ritual was tested.

Using a Universal Thermo Scanner (UTS), an instrument developed by Dr. Mannem Murthy (a former nuclear scientist), the research team of SSRF conducted an experiment on a person performing Mahalaya Shraddha on 22 Sep 2016. The UTS is an instrument capable of measuring the subtle energy and aura around any object, living or non-living. Before the ritual of Shraddha began, the UTS showed that the person’s total measured aura was 1.31 metres. After the ritual was complete, his aura doubled to 2.64 metres. Along with this, he also developed a positive aura of 1 metre which is separate to the total measured aura. This experiment is just one of the many path-breaking experiments conducted by SSRF that shows how a person conducting Shraddha benefits at the spiritual level.

But why is this ritual needed at all?

Spiritual research conducted by SSRF shows that the karmic bond between departed ancestral spirits and their descendants is quite strong. Departed ancestors continue to play a role in their descendants’ lives even after their passing. Departed ancestors try to fulfil their desires through their descendants, often resulting in addictions to various substances like alcohol, drugs, etc. They also cause problems in their descendants’ lives in a desperate attempt to reach out to them to do something spiritual to help them in the afterlife. Shraddha is a key ritual that helps departed ancestors. Hence it is important that everyone irrespective of religion or culture performs Shraddha to help their ancestors and themselves.

Informs Sean, “All the details of Pitrupaksha and Shraddha are given on our website. For those who cannot conduct the complete ritual, we have also outlined a simple 4-step Shraddha ritual. This can be done by anyone at home. When done with inner devotion, they and their ancestors get the maximum benefit.”

Here is the link to their webpage:

SSRF, based in Australia, USA and Europe, publishes spiritual research conducted through advanced sixth sense (ESP). Hence, it is able to study the spiritual dimension that is often overlooked by conventional research methods.

For media contacts visit SSRF’s press release section:


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