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Dejan Glescic

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Melbourne, Australia, 23rd March 2019

New research findings: 84% of water samples around the world polluted with negative energy

A team of researchers of Maharshi University of Spirituality (MAV) and Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) recently discovered a very high level of emission of negative spiritual energy in water sources around the world. Out of 140 randomly taken water samples from 25 countries, 84% were found to emit negative energy and only 16% emitted positive energy. This significant imbalance indicates an increase of spiritual pollution in the environment, which can lead to physical, mental and spiritual health problems, and is also linked to climate change.

After a 12 month study, in March 2019 the Maharshi Adhyatmavishwavidyalay (also known as the Maharshi University of Spirituality) and SSRF published research findings about the subtle energy emitted by water in order to gauge the spiritual purity or spiritual pollution of water on a global scale.

Samples were taken randomly from various locations in 25 countries from 6 continents. They included naturally occurring sources such as rivers, lakes and seas, as well as processed water sources, such as bottled water, swimming pool water and municipal water. Samples were also taken from places of religious worship.

The research was performed using the Universal Thermal Scanner (UTS), an instrument developed by Dr Mannem Murthy, a former nuclear scientist. The UTS scanner has the ability to detect negative spiritual vibrations (denoted by readings related to the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums), positive spiritual vibrations, and the total energy field (aura) around an object.

Dr Mukul Gadgil, PhD, who is a senior research faculty member of the Maharshi University of Spirituality stated “Through our previous research on soil samples, we were already aware that there is a general increase in negative energy in the world. However, with this new research, we discovered that there is also a significant increase in negative energy in water sources as well. Spiritually impure water is detrimental to society’s general wellbeing, impacting us at the physical, psychological and spiritual levels. Our research has shown that when negative energy increases in the environment, it is linked to climate change, increasing its adverse effects. So, it is a serious matter that warrants further study.  We call on scientists interested in this research to join us in this endeavor.”

Mr Sean Clarke, senior researcher at SSRF added “March 22nd was World Water Day and various discussions started about the preservation of water sources and global reduction of water pollution. We feel that it is the right time to also start a discussion about the spiritual aspect of purity of water and to take preventive measures not only at a physical level, but also at a spiritual level to protect the environment and reduce the negative impact of spiritual impurity of water on humanity.”

For more details of the research study on water please visit

The key findings from the research were:
  1. The majority of the water samples emitted negative energy and it was observed that the spiritual impurity of water worldwide is on the rise. In fact, the increase in negativity has been so significant that the top 10 negative samples from 2018 have all been surpassed in terms of negativity by samples collected in the first three months of 2019.
  2. The physical purity of water is not necessarily indicative of its spiritual purity as they both work on as they both function at different levels. For example, the research has shown that some water samples such as water from pristine Alpine springs, or high-end commercial bottled water emitted negative energy. On the other hand, water from some rivers which are more murky emitted positive energy.
  3. The highest levels of negative subtle energy were found in tap water. The water at some places of devotion was found to be highly positive. Paradoxically, it was found that some samples deemed to be holy water emitted negative vibrations.
  4. The upper and lower limit of positive and negative energy field emitted by the water samples was found to be 15.7 meters (51.5 feet) and 5.75 meters (18.9 feet) respectively. This shows the immense range of vibrations that water samples can have.

Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF), is registered in the USA, Australia and the EU.  It is dedicated to researching the spiritual dimension with the intention to demystify the spiritual realm and provide research that will help every individual to effectively alleviate difficulties in life and progress spiritually. Since its inception, the SSRF website ( has been visited by over 50 million visitors.

Maharshi University of Spirituality is a premier institution for spiritual learning. It has been established to guide the people in their spiritual journeys for faster spiritual progress and to research the spiritual dimension. Its spiritual research center is located in Goa, India. Over the last 2 years, it has published and presented research papers at close to 50 academic conferences around the world. A list of the research papers is available at the website,

“To download the press release in PDF format please click here” Press Release – Energy Vibrations of Water on Earth

Why Should You Perform Shraddha Even If You Are Not A Hindu

Research findings show that the positive energy and aura of a person can double after conducting the Shraddha ritual, regardless of culture and religion.

MELBOURNE/NEW JERSEY (05 Sep 2017) – Every year during the fortnight of Pitrupaksha, Hindus perform the ritual of Shraddha to appease their dead ancestors and help them in their onward journey in the afterlife. Is this merely a custom shrouded in religious beliefs or is there a solid reason for it? According to SSRF, an organisation specialising in spiritual research, Shraddha is a potent ritual that not only helps one’s ancestors but also creates a protective positive covering around their descendants.

Sean Clarke, the editor of the SSRF website, explains that the primary method employed by SSRF to conduct spiritual research is the use of an advanced sixth sense. In addition, SSRF also uses aura and energy scanners to facilitate research in areas such as Shraddha. In a recent paper published by the research team at SSRF, the potency of the Shraddha ritual was tested.

Using a Universal Thermo Scanner (UTS), an instrument developed by Dr. Mannem Murthy (a former nuclear scientist), the research team of SSRF conducted an experiment on a person performing Mahalaya Shraddha on 22 Sep 2016. The UTS is an instrument capable of measuring the subtle energy and aura around any object, living or non-living. Before the ritual of Shraddha began, the UTS showed that the person’s total measured aura was 1.31 metres. After the ritual was complete, his aura doubled to 2.64 metres. Along with this, he also developed a positive aura of 1 metre which is separate to the total measured aura. This experiment is just one of the many path-breaking experiments conducted by SSRF that shows how a person conducting Shraddha benefits at the spiritual level.

But why is this ritual needed at all?

Spiritual research conducted by SSRF shows that the karmic bond between departed ancestral spirits and their descendants is quite strong. Departed ancestors continue to play a role in their descendants’ lives even after their passing. Departed ancestors try to fulfil their desires through their descendants, often resulting in addictions to various substances like alcohol, drugs, etc. They also cause problems in their descendants’ lives in a desperate attempt to reach out to them to do something spiritual to help them in the afterlife. Shraddha is a key ritual that helps departed ancestors. Hence it is important that everyone irrespective of religion or culture performs Shraddha to help their ancestors and themselves.

Informs Sean, “All the details of Pitrupaksha and Shraddha are given on our website. For those who cannot conduct the complete ritual, we have also outlined a simple 4-step Shraddha ritual. This can be done by anyone at home. When done with inner devotion, they and their ancestors get the maximum benefit.”

Here is the link to their webpage:

SSRF, based in Australia, USA and Europe, publishes spiritual research conducted through advanced sixth sense (ESP). Hence, it is able to study the spiritual dimension that is often overlooked by conventional research methods.

For media contacts visit SSRF’s press release section:


Chemical analysis of divine particles indicates their supernatural origin

Divine particles found in places of spiritual purity have unusual chemical properties, finds a recent study conducted by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF).

MELBOURNE / NEW JERSEY (17 April 2013) – Renowned research institutes and laboratories in India have confirmed some unusual chemical properties of a number of divine particles analysed as part of SSRF’s on-going research into spiritual phenomena.

The research started after the first appearance of the divine particles in March last year. They were found in the pores of the skin of Dr. Jayant Athavale, a Saint residing in Goa, India. Soon after that, similar divine particles were detected in many other places in India and around the world.

The divine particles are shiny, of small size, measuring an average half millimetre in diameter, and come in different colours like golden, silver, red, pink, blue and indigo. They are visible through ordinary vision and impart a positive spiritual experience.

Detailed laboratory analyses revealed some special features of these divine particles, such as the absence of any metals in them, a hexagonal shape but not a crystalline structure and a chemical formula that does not resemble any other known particles.

“The analysis of the chemical structure of the divine particles has confirmed very unusual properties that are little known to modern science”, says Ana Prodanović of SSRF. “We believe this is because the particles are of supernatural or divine origin”, she adds.

Additionally, through its own spiritual research, SSRF has understood the reason for the appearance of the divine particles at this particular time in history and their unique importance for humankind. SSRF maintains that such divine particles can appear anywhere in the world when spiritual practice is done with spiritual emotion and an attitude of service to God.

To present this research on divine particles, SSRF is organising a web-conference on 14th May 2013. Full details can be found at:

In addition, four books about the divine particles will be published in English language by June 2013.

SSRF, based in Australia, USA and Europe, publishes spiritual research conducted through advanced sixth sense (ESP). Hence, it is able to study the spiritual dimension that is often overlooked by conventional research methods.

For media contacts visit SSRF’s press release section or call US toll free: +1 201 785 7773

Download the press release Chemical analysis of divine particles indicates their supernatural origin in pdf.


Will global warming solutions succeed without internal change in humans?

The struggle to mitigate global warming trends will fully succeed only with efforts to bring about a change in the human mind, advises the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF)

MELBOURNE / NEW JERSEY (18 November 2011) – Although the basic reason for climate change and natural disasters are cyclical changes that occur over time, spiritual research conducted by SSRF reveals that mankind has a significant effect on climate patterns. The effect of humans on nature accounts for almost 70% of natural disasters today.

It is well known that mankind influences nature at a physical level, such as through the cutting of trees, oil leakages or carbon emissions, and this is what is most commonly addressed through global warming solutions and environmental action. However, there is a much more significant effect that humans produce at a psychological and spiritual level.

“Today the average person’s behaviour and thoughts are characterised by psychological traits like selfishness, greed, anger, aggressiveness and possessiveness, so people indiscriminately abuse the resources of the Earth”, explains Ana Prodanović of SSRF. She adds: “When we develop qualities such as expansiveness, thriftiness, simplicity, selflessness, then our ability to look after the planet increases.”

SSRF’s research further shows that the poor behaviour in humans we see nowadays is an outcome of their reduced spiritual consciousness. As a solution to this, and to bring about lasting change in the human mind, SSRF advises regular spiritual practice that conforms to universal spiritual laws.

SSRF, based in Australia, with centres and spiritual seekers around the world, publishes spiritual research conducted through advanced sixth sense (ESP). Hence, it is able to study the effect of the spiritual dimension that is often overlooked by conventional research methods.

Visit the article on global warming causes and solutions for more information or download the global warming solutions press release.

For media contacts visit SSRF’s press release section or call US toll free: +1 201 785 7773


Halloween celebration invites demonic possession

Halloween celebration invites possession by ghosts and demons, especially if celebrated repeatedly, finds a study conducted by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF)

MELBOURNE / NEW JERSEY (26 October 2011) – A basic law of spiritual science states that ‘The word, touch, form, taste, smell and its related energy coexist’. This means – where the name and form of ghosts, demons or negative energies exist, such as on Halloween, their distressing energy is present too. As the form and colour of the decorations and costumes used in Halloween celebration are similar to that of ghosts, they act as antennae to attract a lot of negative distressing energy.

“Even though we do not see it with our naked eye, the negative energy accumulated through Halloween celebration, apparel and accessories builds up around the body and in our environment, forming a black covering”, says Ana Prodanović of SSRF. She adds: “Its adverse effect on those masquerading themselves lasts up to three weeks, while a person celebrating Halloween repeatedly in time becomes completely absorbed in this black covering and thus 30% more susceptible to possession by a ghost”.

SSRF studies the laws and cause-effect relationships of the spiritual world and defines demonic possession as the control of a ghost or demon over the emotions, thoughts, decision making ability and subsequently actions of a person. The ghost or demon achieves this by merging with the person’s consciousness.

The world’s population presently faces many difficulties, at least 50% of which have a spiritual cause. By celebrating Halloween, we further fuel their increase, hence SSRF advises everyone to refrain from Halloween celebration.

SSRF, based in Australia, with centres and spiritual seekers around the world, publishes spiritual research conducted through advanced sixth sense (ESP). Hence, it is able to study aspects of the spiritual dimension that are often overlooked by conventional research methods.

For media contacts visit SSRF’s press release section or call US toll free: +1 201 785 7773

Download the press release ‘Halloween celebration invites demonic possesion‘ in pdf.


Can Agnihotra prevent the effect of nuclear radiation?

Research performed through advanced sixth sense by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) confirms that the Vedic sacrificial fire called Agnihotra does mitigate the effect of nuclear radiation. Agnihotra provides more protection when performed by a person who is at a higher level of spiritual consciousness.

MELBOURNE / NEW JERSEY (23 March 2011) – Japan recently experienced terrible natural disasters which later led to explosions in its nuclear plants at Fukushima. This has raised concerns of people and governments all around the world about the dangers of nuclear radiation that may reach other countries. There is hardly any cure available for preventing the effects of nuclear radiation. However, Spirituality can offer a solution to this problem.

Most people are unaware that they can prepare themselves spiritually for the possibility of a nuclear attack. Unique research recently published by SSRF shows the efficacy of the Vedic ritual of Agnihotra in the case of nuclear fallout. Agnihotra is a small sacrificial fire performed at sunrise and sunset along with the recitation of a mantra.

“Any nuclear detonation creates discordant black waves of sound energy, undetectable by the human eye and ear, that travel through the environment”, says Ana Prodanović of SSRF. “The simple Agnihotra ritual counters these black waves with positive reddish waves generated by the Agnihotra fire. This neutralises devastation caused by thermal radiation.”

While agnihotra has the capacity to protect from thermal radiation and radioactive fallout, it may not be able to protect a person outside the blast radius from all forms of radiation.  The level of protection it provides will largely depend on the spiritual purity and consciousness of the person performing it. A person at a higher level of consciousness will be able to derive more protection. Spiritual consciousness increases by doing regular spiritual practice and following a selfless lifestyle.

In addition, finding oneself in the vicinity of an untoward incident, such as a nuclear bomb blast will largely depend on one’s destiny. SSRF’s study shows that through regular spiritual practice one can gain protection from certain types of destiny even if one does not perform Agnihotra.

SSRF, based in Australia, with centres and spiritual seekers around the world, publishes spiritual research conducted through advanced sixth sense (ESP). Hence, it is able to study aspects of the spiritual dimension that are often overlooked by conventional research methods.

For more information on the effectiveness of Agnihotra in alleviating radioactivity, visit this link.

For media contact details, visit SSRF’s press release section.

Download the Agnihotra press release in pdf.

Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) protests against “The Love Guru”

View protest


Spiritual research exposes true causes of addictions and their treatment

MELBOURNE, Nov.8 /Medianet International-AsiaNet/ —

The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) states that 96% of the root causes of any type of addiction are actually in the spiritual realm, caused due to possession by an entity.

SSRF, based in Melbourne, Australia has recently published breakthrough research about the causes of addictions. The organisation conducts spiritual research which includes the spiritual realm, along with physical and psychological factors in determining the causative factors behind problems in life. By spiritual realm, SSRF means the realm of heaven, hell, netherworld, etc. which cannot be analysed by conventional research methodologies. It maintains that spiritual research can only be conducted by the use of an advanced sixth sense (ESP) and is more holistic than conventional research methodologies.

Highlights of the spiritual research undertaken in addictions are:

  • 96% of all types of addictions are primarily caused due to possession by either ghosts or our departed ancestors.
  • In contrast, a total of only 4% is attributed to physical and psychological factors. This includes physical reasons such as a person’s intense liking for a certain substance or psychological reasons such as anxiety, depression etc.
  • Seemingly addictive substances such as nicotine and heroin account for only 0.75% and 3% of the reason respectively as to why people are addicted.
  • As the root cause is possession by some entity in the spiritual realm, the treatment of addiction is most efficient only when using spiritual healing remedies. This is also the reason why historically there have been low success rates with treatment of addictions.
  • SSRF recommends a cost-free three step spiritual treatment program, which will ensure higher success rates of quitting the addictive habit if carried out meticulously.

“The major benefit of the three step spiritual treatment program for addictions is that there are minimal withdrawal symptoms unlike what addicts experience when undergoing conventional treatments”, says Sean Clarke, editor of the SSRF website. “We have had a 100% success rate over dozens of cases over a wide range of addictions from alcohol, to cigarettes, to drugs.

SSRF maintains that while the treatment will definitely work on any type of addiction, an important factor that is a prerequisite to the treatment is the person’s desire to kick the habit.

Visit  for further information.

Source: Spiritual Science Research Foundation INC.

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