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Spiritual research methodology

1. The difference in the research methodology used by ‘modern sciences’ versus ‘spiritual science’

As shown in the diagram above, when we undertake research in modern sciences, we follow generic steps to reach a conclusion or to accept or reject the null hypothesis. As the conclusion depends on the hypothesis, it does not necessarily reflect the truth. Considering that most people are unaware that a spiritual dimension exists, it is inevitable that most hypotheses will not consider the actual spiritual root causes. In spiritual research, seekers of God with advanced sixth sense obtain the answers from the Universal Mind and Intellect just by posing the question i.e. the multiple steps needed in modern sciences are not required. Hence when obtaining answers, the physical, psychological and spiritual realm is included. The level of ‘Truth’ in the answer however is directly proportional to the level of sixth sense of the researching seeker.

One of the very visible differences between the two types of research is the time required for research. For example, suppose we wanted to find out which country in the world had the happiest people.

  • If we were to go by traditional research methods, we would need to follow the above-mentioned steps. We would need to use statistical methods to sample segments of the population and finally arrive at a conclusion after many weeks of data sampling and analysis. Even so, we may only be able to test the hypothesis to a certain point.

  • With spiritual research, all we need to do is meditate to establish a link with the Universal Mind and Intellect which will provide the figures. In the case of those spiritually evolved beyond 90%, there is no need even to meditate. They are almost continuously in constant communion with the Universal Mind and Intellect (God’s mind and intellect). The whole process in spiritual research would take no more than a few seconds.

Note: While the idea of spiritual research may seem easy, i.e. asking a question to the Universal Mind and Intellect and getting an answer, in reality only a few people are capable of it. This is because only after intense spiritual practice over many lifetimes do people acquire this ability. Being highly successful in worldly life is child’s play as compared to being a good seeker of God with a spiritual level of above 70%.

Refer to the article which gives a breakdown of Saints and Gurus above the 70% spiritual level.

2. Verifying accuracy of spiritual research

The knowledge independently received about any topic through the sixth sense by various seekers of God in the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) is identical. The only variance in analysis between the various seekers conducting spiritual research may be in the depth of the information, which is dependent on the sixth sense ability of the seeker. His Holiness Dr. Athavale verifies all findings reported by all seekers.

For example, the details about ‘what exactly is happening in the subtle-dimension when a possessed person is being treated by spiritual healing methods’ as reported by various seekers is found to be identical. The variance may be in the details of who is behind the attack. A seeker with medium sixth sense ability may perceive that it is an attack caused by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies etc.) in the 3rd region of Hell (Pātāl). However a seeker with even more advanced sixth sense may tell us also about the ghost from the 6th region of Hell that is providing black energy to the ghost from the 3rd region of Hell.

2.1 Accuracy depending on who is leading the spiritual research team

Quite often we hear about clairvoyants and mediums that have the ability to look into the spiritual dimension. Psychics, mediums and clairvoyants below the spiritual level of 70% receive knowledge from subtle-bodies. The subtle-bodies or spirits are generally of the same spiritual level as the psychic, medium or clairvoyant. This also impacts the accuracy and grade of knowledge received.

To understand this concept, consider a scale of 0 to 100%, wherein no knowledge is 0%, the lowest knowledge understood by the intellect is 1% and that available from the Universal Intellect is 100%. A person at the spiritual level of 40% generally receives knowledge from a subtle-body of a corresponding spiritual level i.e. 40%, however the accuracy is also 40% and the grade of the knowledge is also 40%.

Up to the spiritual level of 70%, the receipt of knowledge is more likely to be from ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies etc.) and hence a proportion of black energy accompanies it. Those unaware of the subtle-mechanisms of the receipt of knowledge may be ignorant of this aspect and hence blindly believe implicitly in all the knowledge received. If the knowledge is received through subtle-bodies, there is a strong possibility that it may be incorrect in part or in entirety. The subtle-bodies usually give some correct knowledge at the outset to garner belief. Once this is established, they go on to give varied degrees of incorrect or misleading information.

Another important factor one has to consider is that the knowledge received from subtle-bodies is always cloaked in black energy. This affects the recipient adversely in various ways like failing health, psychological weakness, clouded intellect etc. But this process is so gradual as to escape the attention of the person and his family and friends. If this knowledge-receiving process continues for some time, slowly the person becomes a virtual puppet in the hands of the subtle-body. The subtle-body can potentially use the psychic, medium or clairvoyant in various ways; thus furthering the interests of the information imparting subtle-body.

But after the spiritual level of 70%, as the knowledge is given by positive subtle-bodies like Saints and Sages in the higher regions above Heaven (Swarga) or is received through the media of the Universal Mind and Intellect (God’s mind and intellect), there is no black energy accompanying the knowledge. After attaining the spiritual level of 70%, one starts receiving Absolute Knowledge from the Universal Mind and Intellect. There are various levels to understanding the negative aspect of the subtle-dimension such as ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies etc.), demonic possession and an attack by a ghost. Quite often, what people are able to experience is just the tip of the iceberg. It is only at a spiritual level of over 90% that one is able to perceive the entire spectrum of the subtle-dimension.

Please refer to the article on the depth of ability to perceive paranormal activity with our sixth sense.

In summary, only a spiritually evolved person above the 70% spiritual level can lead a spiritual research team as they are able to accurately discern as to whether the knowledge is being received from subtle-bodies, ghosts or the Universal Mind and Intellect.

3. Where is spiritual research mainly conducted?

Basically spiritual research means acquiring knowledge from God. It is conducted with the help of one’s advanced sixth sense (ESP). Hence unlike modern scientific research, spiritual research is conducted in the spiritual dimension in a state of deep meditation. Seekers with highly advanced sixth sense do not have to especially sit in a state of meditation either. In their routine state, they can acquire the knowledge by just praying to God.

It is not conducted outside the self i.e. in a laboratory or field trials in society. For example, to ascertain as to whether a house is haunted, a seeker doing spiritual research does not have to go to the house to verify the haunting. From right where the seeker is, he or she can give precise details about the ghost that is haunting the premise or details about the reason for the haunting.

4. How can you apply percentages to spiritual phenomena/attributes?

The study of the spiritual dimension is just as systematic and logical as that of the physical world. It can thus be quantified in percentages etc. These percentages are obtained in a ready-made format from the Universal Mind and Intellect through the sixth sense in a state of deep meditation. They are not obtained through conventional research methodologies.

5. How come other research studies do not reach the same conclusions?

In this website, we have mentioned how spiritual causes account for up to 80% of all root causes of all problems in life.

Most research studies explore the spiritual dimension and its effects on man with conventional tools of research. SSRF on the other hand uses the medium of the activated sixth sense. Using conventional research methodologies to explore the spiritual realm is like trying to measure intelligence with a foot ruler. At best, this type of research can only be corroborative in nature rather than first hand research into the cause of the phenomena in the spiritual realm. What the mind/brain does not know, it will not seek to corroborate. All research by the SSRF being through the medium of the activated sixth sense does not face the limitations of conventional research methodologies. Hence the research conclusions are bound to be different.

For example, medical sciences may attribute 100% of the symptom of chest pain to cardiac neurosis as everything seems normal in the x-ray and ECGs. Spiritual research may attribute 10% to psychological issues but 90% to a ghost who is blocking the spiritual energy flow system in the body.

6. The advantages of this method of spiritual research

  • Appropriate use of mankind’s talent: Modern research methodology uses up the time and talent of many individuals. If we were to be adept in spiritual research, this talent would be used far more effectively and productively elsewhere. (The cost of not using the talents of mankind effectively by blocking it in conventional research can easily run into billions of dollars.)

  • Money: Billions of dollars are used in conducting research. This would not be the case if we were to adopt spiritual research methods as answers can be obtained immediately.

  • Time: Some scientists spend their entire life in researching a particular subject. With spiritual research, definitive answers can be obtained immediately.

  • Harmful research is avoided: In the course of research much undesirable and potentially harmful research is conducted. Spiritual research, since it comes straight from God cannot be harmful.

  • Spiritual benefits: In research by modern science, the researcher develops ego that he ‘discovered or invented something’. In spiritual research our ego is reduced, as the feeling is that ‘I had questions, God answered them’. In this way, as we come closer to God, not only does our faith and devotion increase but the main goal of life, that is to reduce ego, is actually achieved as a by-product without even asking for it.

7. In summary

Developing the ability to conduct spiritual research essentially means developing our subtle perception ability. The only way to develop this ability is by undertaking spiritual practice. There are many seekers of God in the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) who have this level of sixth sense (ESP), which is developed through regular spiritual practice. Through this website we will be publishing material that has been gained through this sixth sense (ESP). We sincerely pray that it will open the world’s understanding of the spiritual dimension and the true reasons behind normal and strange phenomena that affect our lives.

Spiritual research means being in a state of communion with God. By having an advanced sixth sense (ESP) ability we can instantaneously gain insight into what we set out to learn or know.

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