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Spiritual experiences of Mrs Shweta Clarke

1. How the Guru principle helps a seeker to overcome obstacles in their spiritual journey

Mrs Shweta ClarkeIn 2008, I decided to become a full-time seeker despite a lot of opposition from my family. For many years my family had tried to arrange my marriage in an effort to squash my dreams of becoming a full-timer, but somehow but due to God’s grace it did not materialise. I was living in Dhanbad at that time which was a town in East India. I had to make the journey by train from Dhanbad to Goa (which is on the west of India). On the day I was to catch the train, I faced many obstacles. My mother suffers from spiritual distress and on that day before I left the house it was particularly high. The negative energy in my mother was manifesting and it had locked the main door to the house and hidden the keys. It was getting late and I would miss the train. I remember feeling completely helpless. All of a sudden I saw a huge form of His Holiness Dr Athavale appearing at the main entrance. As soon as this happened I saw the hold of the negative energy over my mum reducing and she showed us where the keys were.

We immediately unlocked the door and rushed to the railway station. I felt His presence throughout the journey to the station and even at the station. At the railway station, we were informed by someone that our train had not come and we had to wait. Actually this was not correct as the train on the platform was indeed my train but a wrong name was written on it. So later when the train started moving one of the passengers told me, ‘Madam are you dreaming, this is your train.’ I panicked and thought this is my only chance to go to the Ashram, as if I missed this train, my relatives would come the next day and I would be held back. I cried to His Holiness Dr Athavale for help. I left all my luggage on the platform itself and ran to board the train. Instantly His Holiness Dr Athavale’s form appeared and the speed of the train slowed down and I could board the running train. In North India sometimes thefts can happen when things are left on the railway platform. However, people actually passed my luggage to me inside the train! My compartment was far from the compartment of the train which I boarded and I wondered how I would carry my luggage all the way, which consisted of 2 very heavy suitcases and four small bags. I suddenly felt a surge of tremendous energy. I was able to carry my luggage all at once and I made my way from one compartment to another to finally reach the compartment where I had a berth reserved. I felt His Holiness Dr Athavale Himself carrying my luggage for me, because I felt it was impossible to carry such heavy things by myself.

After coming in contact with His Holiness Dr Athavale, with His endless teaching, guidance and love, He has made me a better human being. When I look back at my former self and how I am today, words cannot do justice to the amount of gratitude I have for Him. I am just one of the thousands of seekers that He has nurtured tirelessly over so many years helping us in our spiritual growth.

2. Reassuring seekers wherever they may be

Once when I was in Melbourne, Australia, I was feeling quite low as I felt my spiritual practice was not going well. I earnestly prayed to His Holiness Dr Athavale to help me and to be with me. At that time, I felt a voice saying, “I am always with you.”

Then I asked Him, “I want to see you.”

He said, “Just look out of the window and you will see me very shortly.”

I just looked out of the window and waited but nothing seemed to happen. Then I asked again and His Holiness Dr Athavale said, “Keep looking. My form will slowly appear.”

Then suddenly out of nowhere, a double rainbow appeared. Then His Holiness Dr Athavale said that I have come to meet you in the form of this rainbow. My spiritual emotion was awakened and it stayed awakened for long afterwards. Even today when I think of the spiritual experience I had, I feel reassured and calm.

When I shared this spiritual experience during satsang with co-seekers in Melbourne, we felt our spiritual emotion get awakened and we all experienced a feeling of peace and assurance that the Guru principle listens to our prayers.

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