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Saints’ guidance and blessings

Receiving spiritual guidance and protection through the medium of different Saints H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj : In 1993, Gurupournima celebrations of H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj were held at Ramnathi temple in Goa. At that time, He said: “Let the main centre for the mission of the spread of Spirituality worldwide be Goa. Call it ‘Vishwadeep’ (Light of the … Continue reading Saints’ guidance and blessings

How to surrender to God by reducing doership

Doership, the feeling that “I am the doer” is a major obstacle in surrendering to God. Once doership is reduced, true surrender to God begins.

How to increase spiritual emotion (bhav)

Learn what efforts we need to make to increase spiritual emotion.

Importance and benefits of serving God – Satseva

Read how serving God benefits our spiritual practice.

Sacrifice for God (Tyag)

Serving God – Service to the Truth (satseva)

I wish to contribute

Steps of spiritual practice

Study of Spirituality Prayer Others steps

How to Grow Spiritually – Practical Guidelines

Practical steps to achieving spiritual growth over an initial two-year period

Benefits of Chanting

Chanting means repetition of God’s Name. Chanting brings us many medical, psychological and spiritual benefits. If we chant with the intention of spiritual progress, we will achieve our aim and experience all the other benefits of chanting too.