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Having nightmares when asked to do service for an SSRF video production

In Sep 2010, SSRF produced a video on salt water treatment as a spiritual healing remedy. We had chosen Ms. Neha Dongrey, a seeker from the SSRF research centre, to demonstrate the remedy in this video. The video is about how to reduce the subtle black energy around a person. Subtle black energy is a negative covering that envelopes us due to our personality defects, negative energies and the Raja-Tama subtle-components which are increasingly prevalent in today’s environment. The video was shot over two separate days.

On the night prior to both shoots, Neha had severe nightmares. In the nightmare on the first night, she saw herself surrounded by higher-level negative energies. She was in one of the corridors of the research centre and saw the negative energies begin to close in on her. She was very fearful and was shouting for help but no one was around. Then she saw another seeker in the distance. As she tried to call out for help, the negative energies encircled her and would not allow her to do so. The other seeker approached Neha, but even though she was in a state of panic and desperately wanted to call out for help, she was forced by the negative energies to behave normally. Neha recalls that she woke up from her nightmare at this point. It took her quite some time to shake off the feeling of the nightmare. It was only when she made an earnest prayer to God for protection, did the feeling dissipate.

After a few days, we had scheduled the second part of the video shoot. Again, as if on cue, Neha had a nightmare the night before. She saw a house where seekers were living together. Everyone was busy in service unto the Absolute Truth (satsēvā) in the first room of that house. Neha was in an adjacent room.  Then, all of a sudden, seekers saw a red spark burst out of a nearby electric tower. The spark travelled at great speed to the first room, killing all the seekers there. Seekers in the other room got to know of their death and were also told that they were next in line to die. Neha was distraught on seeing all her co-seekers dead. She then woke-up all flustered and disoriented and was on the verge of tears. It was 1.30 a.m. Even though she had woken-up, she was unable to shake off the feeling of the horrifying nightmare. With tears rolling down her cheeks she prayed earnestly to God and to His Holiness Dr. Athavale for protection. Then she began to feel better. As she tried to go to sleep again she saw a negative energy with large sickle-like knife trying to cut her throat. It felt so real that she actually perceived the pressure of the sickle on her throat.  Again she earnestly called out to God and to H.H. Dr. Athavale for help and only then did the pressure on her neck reduce and she was able to go to sleep.


SSRF’s comment:There are many reasons why negative energies attack a person. One such reason is to stop the attempts of a person engaged in spreading Spirituality. One of the main ways negative energies create obstacles in this is by causing events that instil fear in a seeker to dissuade them from practicing and spreading Spirituality.

The seeker who helped to put this article together after interviewing Neha also faced obstacles. She said, “While typing up Neha’s account, my heartbeat increased and I felt my eyes go heavy and start to burn. My thinking too became foggy and I took much longer than necessary to complete the first draft.”

At the SSRF Spiritual Research Centre, as there is a high amount of service unto the Absolute Truth done towards helping society grow spiritually, there is a proportionate rise in the subtle-attacks on seekers. Seekers, in spite of this, continue with their efforts for spiritual growth by the grace of God. With every endeavour in life there are bound to be obstacles, and efforts to make spiritual progress are no exception. It is the facing and overcoming of obstacles, subtle or otherwise, that defines a seeker. People who are not serious give up at the first sign of trouble but those who are truly desirous of spiritual growth, find ways and means to overcome obstacles and in fact it is God who comes to help them.


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