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Spiritual healing – Objects from Saints

Saint of the highest level, anything they touch or give emits positive energy. Their handwriting also emits spiritually pure vibrations and can be used as a spiritual healing tool.

Mechanism behind Spiritual Healing Methods using objects

Whether it is crystals or holy ash or holy water what is the principle behind how these spiritual healing tools are used?

Healing Using Objects

Spiritual Healing Therapy | Box treatment

Learn about a powerful spiritual healing therapy using the help of the Absolute Cosmic Ether Element

Recovering from typhoid symptoms by drinking gomutra

This is a case of a resistant fever that would not come down as a result of typhoid. Medication did not help but adding gomutra to the treatment cured her.

Gomutra (Cow Urine) as a Spiritual Healing Remedy

This article illustrates the importance of gomutra in spiritual healing remedies

Skin rash cured with gomutra treatment

This case study explains how gomutra as a spiritual healing remedy cured body rashes and severe swelling.

How to make Holy water by charging?

This article explains how to make Holy water by charging that is chanting the Name of God

Holy water from Holy ash

This article describes how to make Holy water from Holy ash derived from SSRF incense sticks.

How is Holy ash (Vibhuti) made and collected from SSRF incense sticks

How is Holy ash (Vibhuti) obtained and collected from SSRF incense sticks?