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An introduction to the horrifying spiritual encounters experienced at SSRF’s research centre

1. Introduction

Example of a disfiguration of a picture of H. H. Dr. Athavale that took place spontaneously
Around the year 2000, SSRF’s spiritual research centre received a number of unusual photographs from seekers associated with it and other objects that had changed very suddenly and inexplicably. The kind of changes in items included spontaneous combustion/burns, cracks, scratches, stains, holes and other gory disfigurations. Similar changes were also observed on the premises of SSRF’s research centres and some seekers’ personal belongings and homes.
In the first instance, seekers were baffled by these shocking changes, as there was no apparent external cause for them. His Holiness Dr. Athavale immediately clarified that the objects had actually been attacked by negative energies from the spiritual dimension, and that this was the reason behind the changes. Since then we have continued studying these phenomena through the medium of advanced sixth sense and with the help of biofeedback equipment. Up to now we have encountered and studied thousands of such bizarre and spontaneous changes in non-living objects without any external or rational cause.

In this section, we present a small part of our collection of non-living objects attacked by negative energies, and the spiritual science behind some selected case studies. The reason we are sharing this research is to inform society that such kinds of phenomena exist. It may also answer your questions of such kinds of unexplained phenomena that you or your family may have experienced. Later we will also share the attacks that have occurred on seekers associated with SSRF at a physical, psychological and spiritual level.

2. Why is SSRF experiencing these attacks?

Through sixth sense, we have found out that the attacks have been instigated by the highest level negative energies or subtle-sorcerers (māntriks). At first we wondered why a relatively small organization such as ours was being singled out and attacked so maliciously by these higher level negative energies. As time progressed the reasons began to unfold.

2.1 The uniqueness of SSRF and the mission of H.H. Dr Athavale

Unknown to most of us the world is in the midst of a fierce subtle-battle between the forces of good and evil. Over the next decade (upto 2018) a fraction of this battle will spill over onto the Earth plane in the form of unprecedented natural disasters and the third world war.

Timeline of armageddon and the era of rekindling spirituality in humankind

The monumental loss of human life will have a profound effect on the world and over the next millennium humankind will strive to seek a spiritual understanding in a way that they have not done for millennia. The Armageddon, when it finishes will pave the way for the establishment of an ‘Era of Rekindling Spirituality in Humankind’. This means that the next thousand years will see a paradigm shift in human spiritual consciousness, where the human race will seek to find the relationship between the physical, psychological and the spiritual and seek higher spiritual consciousness. This millennium to come will be of immense importance to the human race as it will be the last spiritual renaissance of its kind in Kaliyug until the dissolution of the Universe some 400,000 years later.

Non-sectarian spiritual organisations led by Saints (such as SSRF) whose spiritual research will be an integral part in building the spiritual knowledge base in this new era have been attacked to a maximum by higher level subtle-sorcerers. H.H. Dr. Athavale (with whose blessings SSRF has been founded) has been attacked the most. In fact apart from H.H. Dr. Athavale being attacked at a physical level, in this section you may notice that many of the subtle-attacks on inanimate objects are pictures of His Holiness Bhaktaraj Maharaj and His disciple H.H. Dr. Athavale.

This is because They are Saints who are involved in spiritual practice for the spread of Spirituality (samashṭi). True samashti spiritual practice is non-sectarian, is inclusive and not exclusive and guides people according to their spiritual path. This is unlike many Saints of others sects who are involved in individual spiritual practice (vyashṭi).  Most vyashti oriented Saints try to spread their type of spiritual practice. However for samashti orientated Saints the individual is more important, i.e. they don’t focus on the numbers of their following but on the development of the individual according to the spiritual path that suits that individual the most.

Only Saints at the highest spiritual level have the capability to fight with or withstand an attack from higher level subtle-sorcerers from the 4th to the 7th region of Hell (Pātāl) which are the regions from the afterlife. Consequently it is only these Saints that are attacked to the maximum and to a substantially lesser extent the seekers associated with Their mission. Another point is that subtle-sorcerers from the 5th or 6th Region of Hell do not waste their energy on attacking ordinary people or Saints not involved in spiritual practice for the spread of Spirituality. Saints involved in samashti sadhana differ from other Saints in that they help everyone practice Spirituality in a non-sectarian manner. They use God’s resources most effectively as in They don’t generally help society at a physical and psychological level such as through donations, social work, etc. but rather purely at a spiritual level. This is because They realise that the root of almost all problems that we face in life is in the spiritual dimension and can only be overcome by spiritual measures.

2.2 The comparative importance of the event versus the intention

Factors that decide how and why a subtle attack by negative energies takes place

For a person who is witnessing such a subtle-attack, it would be quite natural to be influenced by or focus on the actual attack that has happened such as an unexplained hole appearing in ones clothes or a deity’s picture going up in flames. However through spiritual research we have found that, it is the intention behind the attack that is of more importance. Negative energies use their means efficiently to carry out a subtle-attack so as to bring about the intended effect on their victim which actually may be more far reaching than the attack itself.

In the next section we explain the effect of the attacks on seekers.

2.3 Why are these attacks happening on seekers associated with the mission of H.H. Dr. Athavale?

The basic reasons why the average person is attacked by a ghosts is as follows

  • Seeking revenge
  • Trying to satisfy their desires/cravings
  • To gain pleasure by troubling others

Who is a seeker?
A seeker is a person who makes honest and sincere efforts on a daily basis to grow spiritually. A seeker's spiritual practice would intuitively conform to the 6 basic principles of spiritual practice. Having an intense desire for spiritual growth, a seeker on a regular basis strives to improve upon his spiritual practice quantitatively and qualitatively.

However when a seeker is attacked the intention is primarily to scare and create obstacles in his or her spiritual practice. The burn or scratch or hole that is created through a subtle-attack emits black energy and it envelopes the seeker which produces detrimental effects at a physical, psychological and spiritual level. In contrast when an average person experiences a negative energy attack such as this, it is mostly to scare him or settle a give-and-take account. In some cases it could be the result of black magic being done on them by someone known to them.

2.4 What is the effect of the subtle attack on seekers?

When a phenomenon occurs such as a burn or a hole due to some chemical reaction or physical reason there is no psychological or spiritual effect on people around. However when one is affected through such kind of supernatural attacks that have been created by negative energies, distress may occur at any or all of the following levels:

  • Physical: heaviness, nausea, stomach ache, dark rings under the eyes, getting a foul odour from the object, dizziness, skin tone becoming uneven, ears get blocked, pain in the ear, severe headache, numbness of the body, feeling pricks and needles on the hands and legs, etc.
  • Psychological: fear, inability to think clearly, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc.
  • Spiritual: lack of enthusiasm for spiritual practice, feeling like postponing spiritual practice, doubts about spiritual practice even though one has got many positive spiritual experiences in the past, etc.

The intensity of the attacks is proportional to the spiritual emotion (bhāv) of the seeker. If the spiritual emotion of the seeker is high, then the subtle-sorcerers attack through the medium of meditation or supernatural powers and with the assistance of the unmanifest energy. So suppose there is a case of spontaneous burning by negative energies, even though the actual burning is less, the black energy being transmitted from it is more.

However just as a storm cloud has a silver lining, here too seekers of SSRF under the guidance of H.H. Dr. Athavale have used these negative supernatural events to bring about something positive.

  • Resolve and faith of seekers strengthened: Seekers who have been affected by this have used their spiritual practice and spiritual healing methods to overcome the detrimental effects. This has only enhanced their faith in the spiritual practice that adheres to the six basic principles of spiritual practice.
  • Spiritual healing techniques learned: Many new spiritual healing techniques have been learned that we will continue to publish on our spiritual healing section.
  • Study of these phenomena: It has also provided SSRF with an unparalleled opportunity to study the negative and dark side of the spiritual dimension.

2.5 Why are these attacks happening on H.H. Dr. Athavale?

As stated earlier, most of the attacks by higher level negative energies have been directed against H.H. Dr. Athavale. When the subtle-sorcerer attacks a photo, the attack is not on the photo, but on the person that is on it. For example if the attack is on a picture of H.H. Dr. Athavale, then the attack is directly felt by Him too. This is as per the spiritual principle that the word (name of something), touch, form, taste, smell and its associated energy coexist. This principle is also used in a negative sense where black magic is done on a person by using their photograph

The intention behind the attacks on H.H. Dr. Athavale has been to stop His mission. The attacks on Him specifically have been to:

  • To kill Him
  • Reduce His Vital energy (Prāṇa-shakti) and give him immense physical discomfort

Since higher level Saints have a very low ego their mind and intellect cannot be affected. However as they are still living their physical body and Vital energy can be affected. Refer to the article – What are we comprised of?

The following table provides a perspective to the intensity of the attacks experienced by H.H. Dr. Athavale and the ability to withstand such an attack as compared to a spiritually average person.

Effect of the subtle attack on an average person versus H. H. Dr. Athavale

The following table obtained through spiritual research provides the average Vital energy levels of H.H. Dr. Athavale over the past decade.

Vital energy levels of H. H. Dr. Athavale over the past decade


  1. The Vital energy levels of an average person is 100%.
  2. Spiritually evolved people generally have more Vital energy. In H.H. Dr. Athavale’s case the majority of His Vital energy (which was 140% before 2000) was directed towards gross and subtle-measures for the spread of spirituality
  3. When Vital energy reduces to 30% death occurs. At the time this subtle-reading was taken on 10 Feb 2010, the Vital energy levels of H.H. Dr. Athavale was at 34%

2.6 Society level impacts from these subtle attacks

Negative energies are committed to troubling and destabilising society. On the other hand Saints and their pictures are storehouses of Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) on Earth and help raise the sāttviktā in the world. This is especially so with Saints such as H.H. Dr. Athavale involved in spiritual practice for the spread of Spirituality. So also deity pictures painted under the guidance of a Saint emit increased amounts of Divine consciousness. This is because Saints have access to the Universal Mind and Intellect and are able to guide the artist with the fine nuances in the details of the deity’s form which finally results in the picture gaining increased amounts of that deity’s principle. These pictures of deities generate higher amounts of Divine consciousness on Earth compared to the ones done by common artists.

As a result by attacking deities and Saints pictures subtle-sorcerers effectively reduce the spiritual benefit that seekers and society at large would have otherwise received from the pictures. Consequently subtle-sorcerers try to prevent the Divine consciousness from spreading further.

If one picture is attacked, then a similar effect is achieved on the same type of picture in other seekers’ homes. However the effect on other similar pictures is negligible  compared to the picture that has been attacked.

2.7 Does the average person suffer from these kind of subtle attacks?

These kind of subtle-attacks by higher level negative energies are very rarely directed towards an average person. In very rare cases, higher level negative energies may attack the average person out of mischief, with the intention of frightening him or her. The likelihood of this happening

  • People doing individual spiritual practice – 1 in 100,000
  • People doing spiritual practice for the spread of Spirituality – 1 in 1000
  • According to the time factor i.e. because the world is in a twilight period of a changing of eras and is in the midst of a subtle-battle.

Although there is only a slight chance of this phenomenon occurring to the common man, it is worth knowing about. This is similar to the principle behind our curiosity about the surface of the Moon or Mars, although it is only on rare occasion a human will visit them.

3. How to distinguish deformities made by negative energies from man-made deformities?

It is possible to differentiate events that happen due to negative energies versus the one cause by regular chemical reaction or physical means the following methods:

  • No external influence: Events / phenomena happen without any external influence or rational explanation
  • Speed of occurrence: A key feature in the case of negative energies creating the event or phenomenon is the speed or suddenness of it occurring without any external stimuli
  • Changes in the objects: Deformities in objects such as a hole automatically changing shape or size over time without any cause for normal wear and tear.
  • Mechanism behind the event: The way a higher level ghost goes about creating something is very different to a normal chemical reaction. For example the mechanism of creating a hole by negative energies may be by pouring subtle-acid which burns right through material such as fabric. However this can only be perceived through an advanced sixth sense reading.

The first three can be identified by the means of ones intellect, however the last point can only be realised through sixth sense.

4. How long does the effect of these attacks last?

The effect of supernatural occurrences and phenomena created by negative energies on an object can remain forever, but the length of the effect will mostly depend on the strength of the subtle-sorcerer creating it. In some cases one can take spiritual measures to reduce or nullify the effect of the attack. In other cases, any further use of the object may cause high distress due to which further use of the object is not recommended. It is then best to immerse that object in the sea.

5. What can one do to protect oneself?

In case of a negative supernatural event taking place to harm a person, his best recourse is to do regular spiritual practice that conforms to the six basic principles of spiritual practice. This includes attacks instigated through spiritual means such as black magic, possession, etc.
Please refer to our sections on Spiritual healing and Spiritual Practice

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