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The spirit

1. Introduction

The relative spiritual strength of the spirit (pishāch) is 10,000, whereas the relative strength of the lowest ghost, the common ghost (bhūt) is 1. Refer to the article on ‘Types of ghosts (devils, demons, negative energies etc.)’. About 4% of the world’s population is affected or possessed by the spirit in the present times up to 2025. Considering that a small percentage of the world’s population is affected by them, as compared to being affected by the common ghost and the demon (rākshas), we have given only a brief list of its salient features.

2. Drawing based on subtle-knowledge of the Spirit

Please note that this is just a rough guideline as ghosts (devils, demons, negative energies etc.) can take on any form depending on what they are trying to achieve.

3. Salient features of the spirit

  • Spirits are very lazy and therefore the likelihood of them causing distress to people is low. They mostly possess a person to use his body just to get a habitat.
  • But once they enter, they live inside for years. Other types of ghosts (devils, demons, negative energies etc.) keep on going out or coming in continuously, but spirits do not leave the body for years. Even after the death of the person they have possessed, they latch on to its subtle-body.
  • They assume the form of the person they enter into.
  • The people affected by spirits look pale, their skin looks oily and their eyes look very dull. Distress caused by spirits increases at night.
  • When they attack a person they emit black energy with a rancid, putrid oily smell. This foul smell distracts the person and causes nausea.
  • They absorb juices secreted for digestion of food and reduce the Vital energy (Prāṇa-shakti) of the individual they are possessing. Thus the body resistance of the affected person reduces and they fall ill repeatedly.
  • When spirits manifest in the people that they possess, the people show the following characteristics:
    • The eyes of the manifesting person twinkle.
    • When others touch their hands or feet, they experience a sensation of pin pricks.
    • The fingers and toes as well as the nails of the manifesting person appear pointed.

4. Remedies

Note: The spiritual level of the spiritual healer has to be at least 20% more than the ghost affecting or possessing the person he is trying to heal. When one is treated with external spiritual remedies one feels better for a while, but to get rid of this distress (which in many cases follows us from many past births) permanently, it is important to do spiritual practice and generate continuous and lasting positivity first hand within us. Only then is it possible to get a permanent cure. If one complements the spiritual healing with chanting during spiritual healing then the distress is overcome in a shorter time.

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