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Spiritual research in Art & Design

Spiritual research in Art & Design

Spiritual Research in Art & Design

According to the spiritual science provided in sacred Scriptures such as the Rugveda, the purpose of life is to progress spiritually and all of man’s endeavours should be aligned with this supreme goal. This also applies to the fine arts where an artist (painter) should primarily use art as a means to grow spiritually and not merely for financial gain, fame or a worldly cause. His art should emit spiritually pure vibrations, which increases the spiritual purity in the environment and motivates the observer to practice Spirituality.

The Maharshi University of Spirituality and SSRF have undertaken extensive research into making spiritually purer art and training artists towards this goal. Firstly, an artist should be able to perceive subtle-vibrations and analyse whether they are positive or negative through his sixth sense. Having such an ability is the outcome of regular and intense spiritual practice under the guidance of an evolved spiritual guide. By refining the shape and altering the colour in the artwork, under the guidance of a spiritually evolved guide, the artist’s goal to increase spiritually pure vibrations is achieved. This perspective naturally limits the artist to paint only a few types of subjects that will help society spiritually. The subject of the artwork could include spiritually positive designs for clothing or a picture of a Deity. Accordingly, many pictures of Deities have been digitally painted at the University, some taking over 10 years to refine. It has been observed that aura and subtle-energy scanning instruments and those who have an advanced level of sixth sense are able to detect the increased positivity of the painting at every stage of its refinement. In this series of articles, the process of how to create spiritually purer art is discussed and elaborated upon. If artists were to have this knowledge and practise it, the positivity in society would increase considerably.

Research articles

Introduction to spiritually purer art and design

What is the real purpose of art and with what intention should an artist create a work of art ?

How to have a better sense of art ?

What is the best subject to draw and paint ? What are the benefits of choosing spiritually pure subjects for your art ?

Making paintings of Deity Ganesha (Deity Ganapati) spiritually purer

Learn about the journey of how one seeker-artist achieved the impossible of bringing the maximum amount of spiritual positivity into a painting of Deity Ganesha (Deity Ganapati)

Are famous paintings by famous artists worth it ? 

Rarely are famous paintings evaluated by the subtle-vibrations they emit. Would you buy an expensive painting if it looked good, but emitted negative vibrations that would adversely affect your premises ?

Painting better portraits that are spiritually purer

From a spiritual perspective what type of portraits are better to hang on the wall ? This is a question that every art lover should ask before buying a portrait.

Techniques for better creative art

Would you like your art to emit spiritually purer vibrations ? Learn some aspects of art that can make your art more sattvik (spiritually purer).

Importance of the art teacher and spiritual guide - Coming soon

We cannot overstate the importance of a good teacher to guide a student on a path to create spiritually purer art.

Are all eco-friendly Shri Ganesh Murtis (Idols) spiritually beneficial ?

While there is an emerging trend or demand for eco-friendly Ganesh Murtis (Idols), there is little to no thought put into whether they emit spiritually positive vibrations.

Tutorials and videos

Are all music genres and dance forms equal from a spiritual perspective ? Learn about the factors influencing such art forms.

This spiritual workshop provides the foundation for any artist to pursue their artform as a means to grow spiritually

Increase your awareness of how the spiritual dimension influences our lives and why spiritual practice is a necessity.