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What is the spiritual meaning of evil eye and how to protect yourself

Evil eye meaning

1. Meaning of evil eye – An Introduction

Many cultures around the world believe that through our thoughts or through an envious glare, one person is able to cause harm to another in the form of illness, injury, or even death. While there are many different terms for this phenomenon, we will be using the term “evil eye” in this article.

In our series of articles on the evil eye, we explain what is the meaning of evil eye, how we can become afflicted by the evil eye, the symptoms we may experience if we are afflicted by the evil eye, and what we can do to remove it.

2. What is the spiritual meaning of evil eye?

The evil eye is a term used to describe the process of being afflicted by Raja-Tama vibrations from another person, which means that the other person can afflict us with the evil eye intentionally or unintentionally.

In today’s competitive and materialistic world, most people have personality defects and vices such as jealousy, hatred, hunger for publicity etc. Raja-Tama vibrations generated from these vices have a spiritually distressing effect on us. This is what is termed as getting afflicted by the evil eye. Distress experienced due to being affected or possessed by negative energies (ghosts, demons, devils etc.) is also a type of affliction by the evil eye.

While the evil eye has been viewed by many people as a pure superstition and a phenomenon that has no rational claim, they fail to recognise or understand how various aspects of the spiritual dimension can have a direct effect on us. Through our research about the various methods and rituals to remove the evil eye, we have found that the individuals upon whom the rituals were performed have experienced immediate relief from various problems which they suffered, and which could not be relieved by conventional means.

3. Who or what needs to be protected from evil eye?

The evil eye can be cast on anyone or anything. This includes an individual, an animal, plants, as well as inanimate objects.

4. How is our protection from the evil eye compromised, and what does this mean for us?

A seeker who has advanced sixth sense ability, Ms. Priyanka Lotlikar, has created the following drawing based on subtle-knowledge that depicts the subtle-effect of casting the evil eye. It shows the subtle-process she observed when a person casts the evil eye on another individual.

The meaning of the subtle process behind Evil eye

The desire-oriented waves generated in a person about another individual are transmitted to that individual and an evil eye is cast on them. From the drawing based on subtle-knowledge, we can see that the flow of energy transmitted onto the other person is Raja-Tama-predominant and attacks the gross body (sthūladēha), vital body (prāṇa-dēha), mental body (manodēha), and causal body (kāraṇdēha). This creates a subtle distressing covering around the individual and consequently the individual experiences distress.

Below we have listed some triggers of affliction by the evil eye and what this means to those who are affected.

4.1 Through desirous thoughts

Sometimes when people see a smiling and healthy child, they unknowingly have some desire-related thoughts. As these thoughts are Raja-Tama predominant, the child gets afflicted adversely as their subtle-body is very sensitive.

Another example is when a female wears provocative clothing. The individuals of the opposite sex may have desirous thoughts about her. When these thoughts are generated in the mind, they increase the Raja-Tama in the individual having the desirous thoughts and affect the concerned female, as well as others in the environment.

4.2 Through envious thoughts

In some situations, an individual or negative energy gets bad thoughts about an individual, animal or an object or feels envious of their success. The negative vibrations generated affect the individual, animal or object.

One lady experienced that after participating in a dance competition and achieving first place, she fell ill and became bedridden the very next day. After her mother performed a ritual to remove the evil eye, she immediately recovered. As she had achieved first place in the competition, the others competing against her had had envious thoughts about her and this had a direct effect on her.

4.3 Through black magic

Black magic is a term used to describe a ritual where specific mantras and tools are used with a specific aim to cause harm to another individual. There are some people in society as well as higher level negative energies that perform rituals like black magic. Often the people in society that perform black magic do so under the influence of negative energies.

In the case of being afflicted by the evil eye other than through black magic, the power of intention behind casting the evil eye from a person can be up to 30%; however if evil eye is cast through black magic then the power of intention is above 30% and this means it is more severe.

4.4 Through negative energies

Black energy : The primary weapon used by negative energies is black energy which is a spiritual energy capable of manipulating any process on the Earth plane. The extent of this manipulation depends on the strength of the attacking negative energy.

Individuals who are distressed by negative energies are affected by the distressing energy that is released from negative energies. This is also a form of being afflicted by the evil eye.

Seekers of God who do spiritual practice for the spread of spirituality (samashṭi sādhanā) are at the forefront of the attention of negative energies. As they are working towards the establishment of the Divine Kingdom, the negative energies who wish to establish a Demonic Kingdom act to cause distress to the seekers.

Despite the attacks of negative energies, seekers of God have access to Divine protection and their spiritual practice enables them to overcome the distress and obstacles posed by the negative energies.

4.5 What does the strength of evil eye depend on?

The below table gives a comparison of the different sources of affliction by evil eye, their intensity and the spiritual power behind them.

Strength of the evil eye and its meaning

5.  What are the main symptoms of evil eye ?

Some symptoms of being afflicted by the evil eye include:

Physical problems Addiction, repeated illness, recurring skin diseases, severe headache, earache, pain in eyes, blackouts, numbness of limbs, palpitations, reduction in body heat, and experiencing weakness
Mental problems Constant tension and depression, excessive fright, increase in unnecessary thoughts and doubts about others
Educational problems Failing in examinations despite hard work, forgetting despite good intellect
Financial problems Not getting employed, failure in business, recurring financial losses or getting cheated
Marital and family problems Not getting married, marital discord, infertility, abortions, premature birth, birth of a mentally or physically challenged child, children dying at a young age

The symptoms of being afflicted by the evil eye are very similar to another spiritual problem known as ancestral problems. Only a spiritually evolved person (above the 70% spiritual level) would be able to know the exact spiritual root cause of the problem we are facing. Hence, it would be best to perform the remedies for both ancestral problems and for the evil eye if you are experiencing the above symptoms.

6. Evil eye in today’s times

In the current era of the Kaliyug, as the majority of people are not doing spiritual practice, the Tama component within them and in the environment is very high. Various impressions in the mind, like greed, jealousy etc. are predominant and this means many people have strong attachments to worldly things. All of these thoughts are associated with desire-oriented responses. These impressions and desires are dominant in today’s society and this means the Tama component from them affect every person in one way or another. Due to these reasons and because the activity of negative energies is also high, the incidence of evil eye in today’s times is high.

7. Powerful methods for evil eye protection and how to remove evil eye

There are various methods of removing the evil eye using different substances, which have the ability to absorb negative vibrations. Afterwards, the substances are burned or immersed in water.

In our other articles we discuss the ritual to remove the evil eye and share in detail the various methods one can perform.

These methods include:

The above methods are effective in achieving immediate relief of the effects of the evil eye. When the ritual is completed, a protective sheath develops around both the affected person and the one performing the ritual. The period for which the protective sheath is retained after the ritual is completed depends upon the intensity of the spiritual emotion (bhāv) in both of them, meaning it is only a temporary solution as one can become affected by the evil eye again even after being relieved of it.

Additionally, it is important to note that the person who is performing the ritual for removal of the evil eye does it on each affected person separately. Doing it collectively on two or more affected persons, can cause the distressing energy that comes out from one person to enter the other person who is sitting close by.

By doing regular spiritual practice as per the 6 basic principles, a subtle-shield that protects us from the evil eye is formed around us and we are able to imbibe Divine waves from the atmosphere to a greater extent.

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