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How is it that an ancestor at lower spiritual level has the strength to trouble but not to help?

Divine help is unavailable to fulfill worldly desires: In almost all cases, the meaning of ‘help’ for departed ancestors and descendants is restricted to worldly help. When help is restricted only to worldly needs, ancestors are unable to access divine help to assist them in fulfilling their wishes. As a result, they have to depend on their own spiritual strength which is negligible. If the intention of the help is to assist the descendant spiritually, the ancestors have more access to divine intervention and assistance.

Need to use their strength to protect themselves: Departed ancestors between the 20-30% spiritual levels, due to their lower spiritual strength will be curtailed in the quality and quantity of help that they can give their descendants. The truth is that ancestors at a lower spiritual level are in most cases in survival mode and cannot think beyond themselves. The oppressive environments in the lower regions, that is Nether region (Bhuvarlok) and Hell (Pātāl) along with the attacks by higher level ghosts give them a substantial amount of pain. So instead of helping their descendants they are actually in need of help themselves.

They try to communicate to their descendants and do so in the form of creating problems in their descendants’ lives. The extent of the problems they can cause is disproportionately larger than their ability to help.

Influence of higher level ghosts: When it comes to causing distress to people on Earth, higher level ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies etc.) use ancestors as a means to get to humanity with expending the least amount of energy. Hence they provide departed ancestors with the required black energy.

Ancestors between the spiritual levels of 20-30%, i.e. lower spiritual levels are more self-centered and hence focus on alleviating their own pain in the Nether region. Hence their attempt to help their descendants is negligible.

Causing distress is a method of communicating with the descendants: When we are living on Earth, we have a variety of issues in our lives that vie for our attention. Our energy ends up being distributed across various facets such as job, relationships, chores and errands, entertainment etc. However when we die, there are no such activities to vie for our attention. In the subtle regions, our departed ancestors experience the full measure of happiness and unhappiness in accordance with their merits and demerits. Ancestors of a lower spiritual level generally accrue more demerits and as a result experience more pain. With no other distractions as we have on the Earth plane, they become singularly focused on reducing this pain or experiencing some worldly desire. They reach out to their descendants on Earth to do something for them. As there is no physical body, they do not need to sleep and can work at reaching out to their descendants with an incredible amount of single-mindedness. This single-minded focus in turn enhances their ability to affect us.

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