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Sample chart for analysis and correction of personality defects and ego

1. Introduction and Download reference PDR Chart

Dear Readers
We have prepared a sample Personality Defect Removal (PDR) chart for you to download/ view online. This chart demonstrates how to:

  1.  Write one’s mistakes
  2. Categorise whether the mistake is an action, reaction or both
  3. Specify whether a mistake is because of a personality defect or due to a manifestation of one’s ego
  4. Write an autosuggestion or correct perspective for the mind in order to learn to correct its behaviour.
  bol  Download or view online the PDR Chart in Microsoft Excel format.

On the top right hand side of your browser you should see the following options which allow you to either download the file or save it to your cloud account with Microsoft Onedrive.


2. The various worksheets in the PDR chart

You will notice that there are a few worksheets in the Microsoft Excel chart as shown in screenshot below :

Tabs of PDR Chart

  1. Examples of mistakes: Here we have displayed a list of sample mistakes that people generally commit (Column B). We have completed each column to show one how a chart is to be prepared right form
    1. noting down a mistake
    2. to analysing it and
    3. to finally providing an auto-suggestion / correct perspective to one’s mind
  2. My mistakes: Here we have provided you with a blank spreadsheet to fill out your own mistakes and observations about incorrect behaviour / reactions / attitude.
  3. List of defects and ego: Here there is a list of common Personality Defects and Ego points listed out and categorised.
  4. Instructions and notes for how to fill: Here we explain the meaning of each field and how to go about filling it.

Please consider joining SSRF’s interactive online satsangs to gain more experience on how to fill out a PDR chart.


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