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Benefits of chanting – medical

1. Symptoms of a disease are visible before the disease sets in

The distress from a disease due to physical, psychological or spiritual reasons becomes evident only when its presence grows to 30%. Then it manifests physically or psychologically. Due to chanting, we come to know of the disease even before these signs start showing. If distress is supposed to occur in the future, or presently if the distress is not evident, then with chanting the distress starts showing in the form of physical or psychological problems. This is because the organs that get affected by the disease receive positive frequencies from the chanting. Even doctors are unable to diagnose the disease unless the problem is present to an extent of 30%, whereas if the problem is present to an extent of 10-30%, e.g. if someone has a psychiatric problem, then due to chanting it is detected.

2. Physical benefit due to mental stability

When the mind remains peaceful due to chanting, one is free from psychosomatic illnesses precipitated by stress and enjoys good health.

Decrease of stomach problems due to chanting: I used to live a very busy executive director kind of lifestyle, travelled frequently and had to provide an income and do all other duties at home such as taking care of two children as I was a single mother for 10 years. At that time I did not do any spiritual practice. Due to this I used to have nervousness of the stomach, which resulted in increase in acidity. In 1998, as soon as I started chanting, I could feel a markable decrease in stomach problems within only 3 months of chanting and did not have to take any pills for acidity any more. – Mrs. Dragana Kislovski, Europe

3. Specific spiritual healing chants pertaining to specific diseases

Detailed information about this is available in our section on Chants for health.

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