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A seeker’s perspective on living Spirituality – Excerpts from an interview with a seeker

In this video we provide excerpts from an interview with a seeker giving his perspective on his spiritual journey so far and how he incorporates Spirituality in his life.

Key points to note and introspect upon

  • Do I have a spiritual goal (i.e. something that I want to attain in my spiritual journey)? Every seeker needs to have a spiritual goal that they commit to and work towards. This provides direction and focus to our spiritual practice.
  • It is the attitude by which we face our difficulties in life that defines our seekership
  • Ego is a major stumbling block in our spiritual growth.
  • When you start spiritual practice note down the benefits that you get from it. This will help you to understand the importance of spiritual practice in your life. It will also help your commitment to your spiritual journey.
  • Satseva (service to the Absolute Truth) is a means to cultivate our seekership.
  • Our desire for spiritual growth should be of such intensity that we will leave no stone unturned to make spiritual progress in this very lifetime.
  • When we chant we are with God.

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