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Perceiving subtle fragrance emanating from a spiritual centre 11 km. away

Shilpa's spiritual experience

On 12 May 2005, I was travelling to a Spiritual Research Centre of the SSRF situated at Dhamse, Goa in India when without any conscious effort I started praying to the God principle of divine Energy (Goddess Durgā). When I expressed my surprise and curiosity about the spiritual reason behind my prayer, the local seeker with us explained that the divine Energy from the Dhamse spiritual centre reaches exactly up to that point (i.e. about 11 km. from Dhamse).

I could feel the flow of energy from my feet to the entire body. I saw yellow light in front of my eyes going inside my body through the midbrow centre (Ādnyā chakra). When we were about 3-4 km. away from the Spiritual Research Centre, I felt some subtle frequencies below my nose and a very different kind of subtle fragrance. I have never experienced such subtle fragrance before. My mind was full of Bliss.

– Ms. Shilpa Deshmukh, Nasik, India.

The Spiritual science behind this experience

Subtle (without apparent external source of origin) fragrance is experienced at a spiritual level of 45% to 50%. Even though one may otherwise be at a spiritual level lower than 45%, when one is actively engaged in spiritual practice with devotion and concentration, at times the spiritual level increases temporarily.

This spiritual experience is attained in a state of ’embodied soul doing spiritual practice’, i.e. the jīvātmā state. In this state the spiritual emotion towards God is awakened. Due to this the mind gets focussed on the manifest frequencies of divine consciousness emanating from the soul. These frequencies are related to the absolute earth element (Pruthvītattva). The subtle experience of the absolute earth element is odour.

Spiritual experience of divine energy

The spiritual research centre that Ms. Shilpa was visiting is under the protection of the divine Energy principle, that is Goddess Durga, Who is also deity of that premises. The individuals doing spiritual practice and performing services in that centre have immense spiritual emotion, as a result that centre has attracted a lot of divine Energy principle there. This has made this centre spiritually active. Just as the heat from a heater placed in a corner can be felt within a few meters radius, in the same way, divine Energy can be experienced in the surroundings, in this case, as much as 11 kms. away from the centre. For this reason, Ms. Shilpa experienced subtle fragrance.

A spiritual experience serves the purpose of a milestone in our spiritual journey. It is God’s way of telling us that we are on the right path.

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