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Spiritual experience of fragrance of Holy ash (Vibhuti) while offering service unto God (Satseva)

Spiritual experience of VamsiAs a part of my spiritual practice, I often go to my spiritual guide’s house to assist in the website related projects of Spiritual Science Research Foundation as offering service unto God. Once when I was working on creating an automated response to the subscriptions of one of SSRF’s online periodicals, I perceived the fragrance of Holy ash  for 5-6 seconds. At that moment, there was absolutely no source from which I could get such a fragrance. On inquiring with my guide if he too had got the fragrance, he said no. As I continued working on the automated response system, sometime later we both experienced the same fragrance for a few moments. This experience strengthened my faith in the correctness of this spiritual path (Path of Guru’s Grace).

– Mr. Vamsi Krishna, Melbourne, Australia

The Spiritual science behind this spiritual experience

Holy ash is the ash that remains after offering an incense stick to God or after performing sacrificial fire.

When one is in a spiritually conducive environment like a place of worship or at a spiritual meeting (satsang) or when offering service unto God (satseva), due to increase in the subtle purity component (sāttviktā) and flow of divine energy to do the spiritual service, a seeker’s spiritual level can rise momentarily. When there is rise in the spiritual level one’s subtle senses are activated and one can perceive the frequencies of divine consciousness emitted by the Omnipresent God. Most spiritual experiences are given to seekers or devotees by the Lord, as an indication that they are on the right path and to increase their faith in spiritual practice. In a seeker’s journey of spiritual growth, faith is the main factor that helps the seeker progress to the next higher spiritual level.

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