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How does one recognise a Saint?

It is impossible for an average person to recognise a Saint, a person who is at the pinnacle of spiritual evolvement. To understand this better let us take the help of a few analogies.

Also, if one wants to measure the spiritual maturity or level of a Saint who is at the pinnacle of evolvement in the field of spirituality, one needs to be a Saint of that level.

An average person, or even a religious person or mature seeker, is not equipped to make the judgement of whether a particular person is a Saint. Even a seeker can only realise the frequencies of a spiritually higher person to a maximum of 20% more than his own spiritual level. This is because the difference in frequencies become far too subtle to understand when there is a difference of more than 20% in spiritual level.

Judging the difference between two Saints

With that same logic, it is impossible for an average seeker doing regular spiritual practice, let alone a person not doing spiritual practice, to judge the difference in spiritual maturity between two Saints.

Which Saint to follow?

An average person’s scope of understanding the Universe is only through the five senses, mind and intellect.

Quite often we find that people have preconceived notions about what a Saint should be like and how He should act. This may be based on a narrow view of spiritual understanding. This then leads to a gross misjudgement on their parts about who we consider a Saint and who to follow.
As a result they are:

  1. Incapable of realising the subtle positive frequencies emitted from the spiritually evolved.
  2. Do not understand that the spiritually evolved are, in fact, spiritually evolved unless they are told by an authority in spirituality that the particular person is spiritually evolved.

This leaves the average seeker with a doubt, “On one hand, we know that Saints are beacons of spiritual knowledge but I cannot recognise a Saint, then who should I trust as a Saint?”

The answer to this question is that one should focus on their spiritual practice that is based on the six basic principles of spiritual practice. If the student of spirituality takes one step toward realising God, then God takes 10 steps to help the seeker and puts the seeker in touch with the right spiritual guide to match his spiritual yearning and capacity.


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