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Spiritual effects of swearing and why to speak softly instead of loudly

In order to better understand this article, we suggest you familiarise yourself with the following articles:

1.      Sattva, Raja and Tama– the three subtle basic components of the universe

2.      An introduction to the concept of sattvik living (Spirituality in daily life)

1. Introduction

One of the things that set humans apart is that we talk to communicate. Most of us talk regularly and throughout the day. Over time, people’s manner of speech has changed. The way some people talk is hostile and exaggerated. Nowadays many people talk loudly to draw attention or to get their points across. Swearing and using curse words in social interaction has become a norm.

Our spiritual research has shown that the way we talk carries its own set of spiritual vibrations that affect us and those around us. In this article we explore the spiritual effects of talking softly versus loudly and also the effects of using improper language.

2. Spiritual research into the effects of swearing or using bad words

Most languages have some words that are considered inappropriate. These words are also known as swear words or foul speech and people often use them to express emotions such as anger, frustration or surprise, or to achieve a social outcome such as insult, harassment or humour. Recent studies of recorded conversations reveal that roughly 80–90 spoken words each day – 0.5% to 0.7% of all words – are swear words, with usage varying from between 0% to 3.4% (Ref: Jay T. (2009): The Utility and Ubiquity of Taboo Words)

From a spiritual perspective, common intentions behind swearing such as seeking attention or expressing negative feelings draw us away from God towards the Great Illusion (Māyā). In addition, our spiritual research has shown that the bad words themselves attract distressing energy. Just as the Name of God attracts Divine frequencies, these bad words attract spiritually negative frequencies. This means that even saying them without any underlying intention has a spiritually negative effect.

Below we share a drawing based on subtle-knowledge obtained by Mrs. Yoya Vallee who has an advanced sixth sense of vision about the subtle-effects of swearing. All of the drawings based on subtle-knowledge Yoya obtains are checked by His Holiness Dr. Athavale before they are published.

The accuracy of the below drawing based on subtle-knowledge drawn by Mrs. Yoya Vallee which shows the subtle-effects of swearing is 80%, which is well above the average subtle or clairvoyant artist’s ability.

Spiritual effects of swearing

The following is an explanation of the drawing based on subtle-knowledge along with what Yoya experienced.

  • The ego is activated when swearing.
  • The vibrations of the swear words and attraction energy (Akarshan-shakti) draw distressing energy from the environment.
  • A ring of distressing energy is activated in the subconscious mind (chitta)
  • Distressing energy flows to the chakra located in the heart region (Anāhat-chakra) due to ego and defects at the mind level and to the mid-brow chakra (Ādnyā-chakra) due to thoughts
  • Distressing energy flows from the person to the environment spiritually polluting the environment

The negative impact at a spiritual level can affect us at the psychological or the physical level too. For example, one could get more negative thoughts or could develop nausea.

Another point that Yoya noted was that there is no connection to God while using swear words due to defects such as selfishness, an attitude of judging others, lack of respect, showing off, etc. The person swearing incurs sins and their ego can increase further.

It is therefore highly recommended to completely avoid using swear words.

3. News about banning foul language from the media and arts

A law has been signed in Russia on Monday, 5 May 2014, that will ban swearing in films, music and public performances. Explicit books and CDs will have to be sold in sealed packages with a warning that reads “contains obscene language,” CNN reports. The law will levy fines as high as $1,400 against organizations and $70 against individual offenders. Repeat offenders could face steeper fines and a 3-month suspension of business. A panel of obscenity experts will define the finer points of the law, deciding which words could damage the Kremlin’s stated goal of “protecting and developing language culture.” – and CNN

4. Spiritual research into the effects of talking loudly

One may talk loudly due to reasons like trying to attract attention or trying to argue. Seeking attention from others is a sign of ego and arguing fuels negative reactions in the mind. Both ego and negative reactions draw us away from God to the Great Illusion. They also generate spiritually negative vibrations.

This makes it easier for negative energies (ghosts, demons, devils etc.) to affect us when we talk loudly. Someone who habitually talks loudly is more susceptible to experiencing spiritual distress.

Below, we share subtle-knowledge obtained by Mrs. Yoya Vallee on the subtle-effects of talking loudly.

  • A ring of emotion is created at the heart chakra. A covering of black energy is also formed around the person since speaking loudly is an indication of ego.
  • A ring of black energy is formed around the person’s mouth and a flow of black energy occurs from the heart chakra to the mouth.
  • Black energy particles and active energy are then emitted from the person’s mouth into the environment. Waves of ego are also emitted from the person due to their increased expectations from others.

In summary, talking loudly has a spiritually harmful effect. It is therefore recommended not to speak loudly. People who have a hearing disability naturally speak more loudly. Those who speak with them might also speak more loudly so that the hearing impaired person may hear more easily. In such cases, there is no spiritually harmful effect.

5. Spiritual research into the effects of talking softly

Talking softly, on the other hand is complementary to developing spiritually conducive qualities like a listening attitude, humility and introversion. By introversion, we mean the quality of looking inwards, trying to be in communion with God and performing all our actions with this goal in mind. These qualities draw us closer to God and help our spiritual practice. Hence, they generate positive spiritual vibrations.

Habitually speaking softly both helps our spiritual practice and protects us from the attacks of negative energies. Such speech is also more pleasant to those who listen to it.

Below, we share a drawing based on subtle-knowledge obtained by Mrs. Yoya Vallee on the subtle-effects of talking softly. The accuracy of this drawing based on subtle-knowledge is 80%.

Why speak softly

The following is an explanation of the drawing based on subtle-knowledge along with what Yoya experienced.

  • The ego is lower when talking softly due to thinking of others and respecting them.
  • Vibrations of emotion are generated in the mid-brow chakra in small proportion and some waves and particles of energy are emitted from the person talking in normal movement.
  • The dominant energy is Divine consciousness (Chaitanya). Waves of Divine consciousness are emitted from the mouth into the environment.
  • A protective covering of Divine consciousness is also formed around the person. Divine consciousness generated and activated in the mid-brow chakra as well.

Speaking softly is therefore recommended, due to the spiritual benefits we obtain.

6. Why speak softly – experiment of the spiritual dimension

We encourage all of you to perform a subtle-experiment so you can experience the benefits of talking softly firsthand. Please chant for a few minutes and then talk softly for some time. Note how you feel and then chant for 1-2 more minutes. Then speak loudly for some time and note how you feel. By doing this experiment, one can experience what happens in the subtle-dimension when talking softly instead of talking loudly.

7. Comparison – subtle outcome of swearing, speaking loudly and speaking softly

Below is a table of comparison between the effects of swearing, loud and soft speech.

Swearing or using bad words Speaking loudly Speaking softly
1. Positive energy 1A.Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) 2.3
1B. Energy (Shakti) 3 2
2. Negative energy 2A. Ego 3 3 2
2B. Emotion 2.5 1.2
2C. Energy of attraction 2 1
2D. Distress 4 2.8
3. Nature (Vrutti) Extroverted Extroverted Introverted
4. Effect 4A. On self Increase in emotionalism and ego Drawing others’ attention to self and increase in expectations Feeling calm physically (Note 1) and psychologically
4B. On others Since mind is hurt, it is unstable Increase in restlessness and instability of mind No negative effects
4C. On the environment Increase in RajaTama and negativity
5. Does it incur sin? Yes Yes No

Note 1 – Due to speaking softly and calmly every action of the body, for example, physical movements, expressions on the face are calm (stable).

8. Conclusion

If one speaks softly and avoids using bad words, it helps us and those around us to become more Sattva predominant.

Regular spiritual practice such as chanting creates a protective spiritual covering around us that protects us from the harmful elements in the spiritual dimension such as those generated when others talk loudly or use bad words.

By doing regular spiritual practice, our sixth sense develops and we gain an inner understanding of what is sāttvik and what is tāmasik. This makes it easier to make sattvik choices such as to speak softly as we understand the importance from within.

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