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Spiritual properties of cotton cloth and clothes made from cotton

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1. An introduction to the spiritual properties of cotton cloth

Since ancient times, cotton has been used as a material for clothing.  Derived from the cotton plant, cotton cloth is completely natural. It is used widely in a variety of clothes such as shirts, blouses, underwear, and also bed linen. In this article we share some key findings obtained through spiritual research on the spiritual properties of cotton. An important finding from our research is that the type of cloth that is used to make a garment influences the spiritual purity of that garment. It also influences the person wearing the garment at a spiritual level.

2. Spiritual properties of cotton cloth

As cotton is a natural material, spiritual research undertaken by SSRF revealed that it naturally has a higher level of spiritual purity. Cloth made of natural fibres such as cotton and silk has an ability to attract Divinity from the environment. When compared to clothes made from artificial fibres, clothes made from natural fibres have a greater ability to imbibe and retain ttvik vibrations. Consequently clothes made from natural fibres have a higher ability to protect one from negative energies.

Contact with such kind of material is also good for the health of the skin. Cotton clothes immediately absorb sweat from the skin thus preventing it from becoming sticky. This helps the skin to become healthy and lustrous.

3. Spiritual research on the vibrations associated with cotton cloth

In this section, we share a drawing based on subtle-knowledge drawn by Mrs. Yoya Vallee who has an advanced sixth sense of vision. By the grace of God and many years of regular spiritual practice, Yoya is able to see into the spiritual dimension, just as we see the physical dimension. By creating drawings based on subtle-knowledge, Yoya shares with us her unique ability to see into the spiritual dimension. All of Yoya’s drawings based on subtle-knowledge are validated by His Holiness Dr. Athavale for subtle-accuracy before they are published.

The accuracy of this drawing based on subtle-knowledge is 80% which is well above the average subtle or clairvoyant artist’s ability.

Spiritual vibrations associated with cotton cloth

Due to the spiritual purity of cotton, it attracts Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) from the environment. The above drawing based on subtle-knowledge shows the sequence of how Divine consciousness is attracted and retained in the material. It also shows how a person wearing cotton clothes is benefitted by the activation of the saviour energy of God.

By wearing clothes such as cotton and silk, we can minimise the effect of attacks by negative energies on our clothes and thereby on us.

4. Points to keep in mind while wearing cotton

While cotton clothes are far more sattvik than garments made of artificial fabric, we can avoid the following things that would reduce or nullify the spiritual purity gained from cotton:

  • Wearing unwashed or soiled cotton clothes
  • Wearing black cotton clothes. The negative effect of black is so intense that Saints have said that wearing black while cooking and serving food should be avoided as it can affect the spiritual vibrations going into the food. A person who is affected by negative energy generally feels nice wearing black.
  • Scary designs on cotton fabric such as skulls, blood, etc. reduce the spiritual purity.

On the other hand, implementing the following points can help us:

  • Wearing washed and ironed cotton clothes that are self-coloured or that have mild prints help the cloth attract and retain spiritual positivity.
  • Colours such as white, blue and yellow enhance the spiritual purity of the clothes.
  • Since there is more Divinity in the atmosphere during religious festivals and rituals, wearing cotton clothes during those times is recommended, as the spiritual positivity is retained in cotton clothes for a longer time compared to clothes made from artificial fibres.

Every choice that we make which is more sattvik, helps to improve our spiritual state and helps us to go closer to God.

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