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Spiritual health effect of drinking Indian cow’s milk

Note to our readers: In order to better understand this article, please familiarise yourself with “What is a drawing based on subtle-knowledge?

In this article, we describe the subtle-vibrations that an Indian cow’s milk attracts and emanates, through a drawing based on subtle-knowledge. It has been drawn by Mrs. Yoya Vallee, a seeker with an advanced sixth sense of vision. It has been verified and authenticated by His Holiness Dr. Athavale. When checked through advanced sixth sense, this drawing based on subtle-knowledge was found to be 80% accurate.

We use different colours for labelling the different elements in the drawing based on subtle-knowledge as they match the colours of the spiritual vibrations. For example, the spiritual vibrations of Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) are yellow when seen through an advanced sixth sense of vision. Accordingly we have used yellow to label the points related to Divine consciousness.

The following are some salient features about cow’s milk obtained through spiritual research.

  • An Indian cow’s milk is one of the most sāttvik drinks. Milk from cows from other countries is 50% less sattvik than the milk from an Indian cow. It has the ability to attract Divine consciousness and emits subtle vibrations of Divine Energy (Shakti).
  • As a result when we drink an Indian cow’s milk, the cells in the body get charged with the sāttviktā present in the milk.
  • There is a spiritual proverb in Sanskrut which states that our thoughts stem from the food that we partake of. Thus when we have sattvik food and drink, the purification of the whole body takes place. Due to this there is a positive transformation of our thoughts as well. Sattvik thoughts in turn lead to a person performing only righteous actions.
  • The milk from an Indian cow is more sattvik than milk from other animals.

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