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Research conducted on vibrations emitted by beer, cola drinks and fruit juice

Abstract: Mankind is benefitted by the spiritual purity generated when making spiritually correct lifestyle choices, and the influence of the Raja and Tama subtle basic components (excessive activity and ignorance) on him reduces. The lifestyle choices include daily routine, diet, clothing etc. The number of people following a spiritually pure lifestyle is on the decline in Kaliyug. Beverage choices are also no exception to this. In this article we find out the vibrations emitted by beer, a cola drink and fruit juice. From this we will realise the importance of choosing drinks that spiritually benefit us.

1. Drinking fruit juice is more beneficial than alcohol and cola drinks

If you go out of the house and wish to have a drink, never choose alcohol because it is harmful to the body. Alcohol creates heat in the body. One can imagine how harmful the effect of alcohol is on the hyper-sensitive skin in the stomach. Alcohol is absorbed in the blood 4,000 times faster than sugar and salt. Consuming alcohol also incurs sin. Not only the person drinking, but those who buy someone a drink also incur sin.

Consuming artificial drinks like cola and other soft drinks is harmful to the body. Acid is mixed into them in some proportion, which causes tooth decay and weakening of bones. From a nutritional point of view, there is not an iota of vitamins or other minerals in drinks. The drinks include sugar, carbonic acid and other chemicals.

If you go out of the house and wish to drink something, fruit juice is the best. It is spiritually pure (sāttvik) and beneficial for health. It does not cause any loss and is a spiritually correct choice.

2. Analysis using biofeedback equipment

If one has an above average sixth sense ability, one can easily perceive spiritual vibrations, perceive whether an object is spiritually useful or not and accordingly make spiritually correct choices in life.

Some types of biofeedback equipment such as the RFI (Resonant Field Imaging) and PIP (Polycontrast Interference Photography: a Bio-Imaging type of equipment) are able to pick up the vibrations around an object and display it in a visual format. This gives an average person the opportunity to visually see the aura or energy field of an object.

Click on this link for more information about the PIP and its uses.

In this experiment we explored the vibrations emitted by beer, a cola drink and fruit juice using scientific biofeedback equipment.

In the RFI test we noted down the changes that occur in the environment due to an object; however, since the environment changes very often, a base reading of the environment was required before testing an object. Hence, before testing the drinks, a glass was kept on a table and the baseline reading was taken, and then the objects were poured into the glass and records of observations were noted down.

PIP beore keeping beer, cola and fruit juice

2.1 RFI reading of beer, a cola drink and fruit juice


Cola drink

Fruit juice

Before: ‘RFI’ record before keeping the drink in a glass container (in Mhz)


This frequency denotes blue colour, that is positive energy.


This frequency denotes yellow colour, that is, positivity and happiness.


This frequency denotes blue colour, that is, clarity of thought, truthfulness and positivity.

After: ‘RFI’ record after keeping the drink in the glass (in Mhz)


The colour of this frequency is violet. It is associated with intellectual stress. This means due to alcohol, the environment which previously had positive energy became stressful.


The colour of this frequency is pink which denotes attraction and merrymaking. This means due to the cola drink, the good level of the atmosphere declined and it turned to spiritually inferior.


The colour of this frequency is blue which denotes positive energy. Due to fruit juice, the environment remained spiritually positive.


2.2 PIP reading of beer, a cola drink and fruit juice

Beer: The colour of the beer in the glass is completely red denoting distress. An orange ring is visible around the glass container. Orange represents vibrations of tension. Since alcohol assimilates the vibrations of stress in the environment, the size of the orange ring reduces. Because of this, the orange ring around the glass container of alcohol is smaller than that around the glass container of the cola drink. The green ring moves away from the glass container due to the orange ring. A yellow aura with a golden tinge signifies a high level of universal vibrations. Such a colour is not visible in the aura of the beer.

PIP beer

Cola drink: The colour of the cola drink is red to some extent, denoting distress, and blue to some extent, denoting positivity. An orange ring (denoting tension) is visible around the glass container. The green ring (which signifies positive energy) moves away from the glass container due to the orange ring. A yellow ring is to some degree present in the environment and a yellow border is somewhat visible around the glass container.

PIP cola

Fruit juice: The colour of fruit juice is completely green, denoting positivity and spiritual purity (sāttvikta). In the environment, the proportion of the orange ring has reduced due to the green and yellow rings of positive vibrations. A green ring is visible around the glass container. There is a large yellow ring present in the environment too.

PIP juice

From the above observations it becomes clear that alcohol and the cola drink attract negative and stressful vibrations. Conversely, fruit juice attracts vibrations of positivity and spiritual purity (sattvikta).

The above scan and analysis was done with the help of Mr. Santosh Joshi (Universal Energy Researcher, Mumbai, India).

SSRF appeals to scientists and experts in the field who can provide help on subjects like this from a scientific perspective.

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