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Spiritual health effect of drinking a popular cola drink

In this article we describe through a drawing based on subtle-knowledge, the subtle vibrations that a popular cola drink attracts and emanates. It has been drawn by Mrs.Yoya Vallee, a seeker with an advanced sixth sense of vision. It has been verified and authenticated by His Holiness Dr. Jayant Athavale. When checked through advanced sixth sense, this drawing based on subtle-knowledge was found to be 80% accurate.

The following table provides a description of the drawing based on subtle-knowledge above

No. Explanation
1 Due to the tāmasik nature of the cola drink, a circular ring of distressing energy is created
1A As a result there is a ring of activated distressing energy that emanates outwards
1B In addition there is creation and activation of destroyer (mārak) particles of distressing energy
1C Continuous activation of thorny-looking subtle particles of distressing energy
1E Emission of activated subtle particles of black energy
1F Emission of waves of distressing energy in an upward direction
2 Creation and activation of an illusory (māyāvi) ring
2A Emission of illusory waves into the environment
2B Emission of illusory waves in an upward direction
3 Creation of a vibratory ring of the energy of attraction (Akarshan-shakti)
3A Emission of a flow of the energy of attraction into the environment
3B Attraction of distressing energy from the environment

The following are some additional observations about the subtle effect of ingesting cola drinks (gained through spiritual research):

  • Cola drinks are Raja-Tama predominant and hence regular consumption is detrimental for our spiritual growth.
  • The subtle Tama component is transmitted into the body due to drinking colas. This creates black energy centres in the cells of the body, at different places, using the Absolute Cosmic Earth element.
  • An excess of subtle Tama predominant vibrations causes the body to become depleted and reduces the vital energy or Prana-shakti. This leads to distress by negative energies.
  • The negative energy present in the drink attracts people towards it. However after some time the feeling of attraction dies down and hence if taken in excess people actually experience discomfort from it.
  • As a result of the above, one is attacked by negative energies in a greater proportion in a comparatively shorter period of time.

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