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Alternative therapies – Risks

Alternative medicine landing

1. Introduction

In this article we will be looking at the risks involved in Allopathy as well as each of the alternative therapies included in this study. This article will give us an insight of the maximum risk we are undertaking when we opt for the specific alternative therapy.

2. Allopathy

AllopathyThe risk involved in Allopathy is that healthy cells are also destroyed along with the diseased cells. Even those untrained in Allopathy may be aware of this aspect and some may have actually experienced this first hand. For example, there is hair loss when one takes up chemotherapy to combat cancer. Here the therapy is actually directed at the diseased cancer cells, however, healthy hair follicles are being destroyed along with the diseased cancer cells.


3. Yunani (Unani) medicine

Yunani (Unani)Readers will remember that this alternative therapy acts at the level of the energy flow in the body. If the medicine is not given in the right dose, there is a risk of an imbalance being created in the pressure of the energy flow. Due to this imbalance, there is a possibility of sudden constriction and dilatation of the body cells. Once the cells get constricted or dilated, they are damaged. This itself hampers the process of fighting the illness.


4. Acupressure


In the course of Acupressure therapy, if excessive pressure is given on the acupressure points, there is a possibility of activating the distressing vibrations in the points. Also, if the acupressure therapist is affected by ghosts then there is a possibility of the ghosts affecting the person being treated. The ghosts can affect the person being treated by transmitting subtle black energy in him or by actually possessing him. Again, as all this happens in the subtle-dimension, it is intangible and hence the person being treated has no clue if such a thing happens.

5. Mudra


We have seen in an earlier article in this series that mudrās act by throwing out the subtle black energy in the diseased body part. We have also seen how this can be used as a medium by ghosts to affect or possess the person. The risk of using mudras is, if one is affected by higher level ghosts, the possessing ghost can use that very same mudra to harness black energy for themselves. More importantly, as this entire process happens at a subtle, intangible level, there is high possibility of the person being completely unaware of the contact with the black energy of ghosts. This risk progressively reduces as the spiritual level of the person using mudras is progressively above 50%.

6. Homeopathy






7. Ayurveda







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