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Alternative therapies – Function

Alternative medicine landing

1. Introduction

In this article we compare the various alternative therapies at the level of their actual function. By ‘function’ we mean what the therapy actually does to relieve a person of his illness.

As in all the articles in this series, we have arranged the various alternative therapies in an ascending order of deeper level of function. So on one end of the spectrum we have Allopathy, which functions by destroying distressing vibrations of the illness in the physical body at the physical level. Then somewhere midway in the spectrum we have a therapy like mudrā where the more subtle distressing vibrations, e.g. distressing subtle black energy vibrations of ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) are thrown outside the body. At the other end of this spectrum we have Āyurvēda that generates Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) itself in the spaces between organs and cells.


2. Allopathy


Any illness or disorder in the body generates distressing vibrations at various levels in the body. This alternative therapy functions by destroying the distressing vibrations of the illness in the physical body at the physical level. As Allopathy functions at the level of the physical body alone, it is most inferior among all the therapies.




3. Yunani (Unani) medicine

Yunani (Unani)

Yunani medicine functions by resisting the distressing vibrations in the energy flow in the body. This is because its action is limited to the level of energy flow in the body. However we can see that its action is deeper than Allopathy. Hence its effect is deeper and more comprehensive.




4. Acupressure


Any disease process creates a resistance to the energy flow in the body. Acupressure therapy functions by activating the chētanā in the energy flow and thereby fighting the resistance to the energy flow by the illness (chetana is that aspect of Divine consciousness that governs the functioning of the body and mind). As the energy flow becomes normal, the body becomes better equipped to fight the illness. Thus we can see that the illness is overcome at a deeper level than say with Allopathy or Yunani medicine.




5. Mudra


Mudras function by dispelling the materialised distressing vibrations from the diseased parts to the outside atmosphere. By virtue of removing the distressing vibrations, healing is hastened. However a drawback of this alternative therapy is that as these vibrations are not destroyed, they can re-enter the same person or affect another person.




6. Homeopathy


Homeopathy functions by generating chetana in the body cells themselves. Thus this alternative therapy acts at an even deeper level than the above alternative therapies.


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7. Ayurveda


Ayurveda functions by generating Divine consciousness in the spaces in the cells. This causes disintegration of subtle black energy of ghosts on the spot. As it acts at the level of the spaces, which are more subtle even than the cells and that too by generating Divine consciousness, its function is the most subtle and most comprehensive among the aforementioned alternative therapies.



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