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Alternative Therapies – Ability to Heal

Alternative medicine landing

1. Introduction

Here we compare the various alternative therapies at the level of the extent of their maximum ability to heal. Let us first understand what we mean by this.

Most of us, especially those of us untrained in the medical or healing sciences have a very superficial understanding of the process of healing. Mostly our understanding of the process is limited to the alleviation of the symptoms of our illness. However the alleviation of the symptoms of our illness could be a result of a wide spectrum of events, right from mere masking to the eradication of the disease or illness process from its very root at the subtle-level.

In the following paragraphs we can see how each subsequent therapy has the ability to act at a deeper and more comprehensive level.

2. Allopathy


The ability of this therapy is vastly limited to the rapid control of symptoms of illness. However this is one of its strong points too. The rapid control of symptoms is the incentive and reason why so many people take up this treatment modality despite its many shortcomings that we have seen in the earlier articles.




3. Yunani (Unani) medicine

Yunani (Unani)

This therapy has the ability to activate the energy flow in the body. Activation of the energy flow improves the ability of the body in fighting and eventually overcoming the disease process.




4. Acupressure


This therapy acts by developing the body cells as per the requirement to fight the illness. The chētanā in the energy flow in the body is directed towards developing the cells as per the requirement to fight the illness. Chetana is that aspect of Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) that governs the functioning of the body and mind.




5. Mudra


The mudrās activate and direct the energy flow to that specific organ of the body where it is needed. This enhanced energy flow then fights the illness in that organ. In addition to this a functional protective covering is created around the body so that the further onslaught of illness is prevented.




6. Homeopathy


Homeopathy acts at an even deeper level than the above alternative therapies and gives the body the ability to actually create new cells as per the requirement to fight the illness.


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7. Ayurveda


Āyurvēda not only fights the illness at the physical and mental level, but it also unearths any negative energy centres responsible for the illness. Thus its action is at the most superior level, i.e. at the spiritual root cause level. Hence the benefit from this therapy is the highest among the aforementioned alternative therapies.


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