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Dear spiritual seeker, welcome to the website of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation. is a website dedicated to spreading knowledge about spirituality worldwide, to giving guidance about leading a spiritual life and providing solutions to problems in our lives and society as a whole. Since SSRF’s website contains Divine Knowledge and is blessed by a higher level Saint, reading it keeps us in the company of Truth and imparts Divine consciousness in us.

As you have noticed, there is a lot of information provided on this website and as a first time user you may wonder where certain information you are looking for is located and where to start.

Where to start depends on the type of your interest:

His Holiness Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale

Spiritual science If you are curious about spiritual concepts and spiritual knowledge, we suggest you head over to the section on Spiritual research topics or Articles and videos on spiritual science that contain answers to questions you may have about the universe, life, society, astrology, future times, positive and negative energies, possession, what happens after death, destiny and other topics.All the knowledge provided on our website has been accessed from the Universal Mind and Intellect (which is God’s Mind and Intellect) by Saints or by seekers with advanced sixth sense while they were in a meditative state. The knowledge is presented in a scientific format appropriate to the scientific mindset of today’s society.When reading an article you can gain greater insight by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Have I experienced this?
  • Have I understood the article properly? Should I ask SSRF a question about it?
  • When can I put it into practice at the earliest? (It is only by practice that we can gain the benefits of the science of Spirituality)

Spiritual healing

Spiritual healing If you have a physical, mental or spiritual difficulty and you are seeking a solution, you can look at the case studies section and see if your problem is listed. You can also find theoretical and practical information in the Spiritual healing section. A comprehensive list of chants to repeat in case of physical or mental illness is given on the page of Chants for health. These chants help combat any underlying spiritual cause of the listed illness. If the problem that you are facing is not listed in any of these sections, or you are unclear about how to implement a particular healing method, you can ask a question through the ‘Live chat facility’ section. We will try our best to respond within 48 hours.

start spiritual journey

Spiritual practice and spiritual growth If your inner desire is to progress spiritually and realize the true Self in this lifetime, please visit the section on Spiritual practice. You will find guidance about the 6 principles of spiritual practice, as well as answers to questions such as:

  • What is spiritual practice?
  • What are the stages of spiritual progress?
  • Who is considered a spiritually evolved person?
  • Which experiences does one receive by doing spiritual practice?

If you prefer audio-visual presentations, the SSRF Classroom also provides guidance on the basics of spiritual practice.

Additionally we invite you to join the weekly satsangs (spiritual meetings) or lectures. The schedule of our satsangs taking place around the world is available in the events section.

We occasionally also announce requirements for various types of service or satseva on the SSRF Blog and news ticker. Some ideas on how you can contribute are also found in the Contribute section.

It is the desire of every seeker to keep going further on the spiritual path, to change for the better and gain higher level spiritual experiences. In order to fulfill this desire, having appropriate spiritual guidance is essential for the seeker. Hence, of all the information provided on this website, the information provided about spiritual practice is the most valuable.

Sixth sense

Sixth sense You can also test your sixth sense through the various experiments given in the test your sixth sense section.If during the sixth sense experiments you have a spiritual experience which you are unclear about, or would like to know the science behind your experience, you can ask a question through the Live chat facility.

Spiritual events

Spiritual events, spiritual news and articles on our blog If you would like to read updated comments on current events, ongoing activities of SSRF or read up-to-date guidance, you can visit our Spiritual Blog.You can also see our new and updated articles in the recently published section.

Asking a question

Asking a question At any point in time if you have a question about any subject mentioned in the articles or about your personal difficulty, you can make use of our Live chat facility. We will answer your question within 48 hours.We particularly invite questions on how to start or improve regular spiritual practice.

SSRF Online shop

SSRF Online shop If you wish to order unique incense sticks for spiritual healing or a Holy text on Spirituality you can visit our online shop.SSRF incense sticks impart positive energy, dispel negative energy and spiritually purify the environment.Some of the Holy texts available in the online shop are:

  • Introduction to spirituality
  • A beginner’s guide to spiritual practice
  • Importance and benefits of chanting
  • Individual and collective spiritual practice
  • Spiritual emotion – types and awakening


Subscribe to our article alerts as they will keep you informed of new material being published on the science of Spirituality. Do keep coming back to the website every week as it will be constantly updated.

This website is developed and maintained by seekers free of charge, as part of our spiritual practice, with the goal of spreading Spirituality in society, helping people overcome difficulties in their life and leading them to spiritual progress and Bliss (Ānand).


We warmly welcome you to this website.


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